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Mro. Sunny Galea

Mro. Sunny Galea born at Victoria, Gozo. He has been a clarinet soloist with the Soċjetà Filarmonika La Stella A.D. 1863 of Victoria, Gozo for the past 25 years after joining the Band in 1955. He studied clarinet under the direction of Mro. Guzeppi Spiteri and Mro. Edgar Lowell, the latter, a former conductor of the Soċjetà Filarmonika La Stella A.D. 1863 itself. He also studied the violin under Mro. Ganni Vella, Mro. Dwardu Azzopardi and Mro. George Spiteri.

He started taking harmony lessons in 1960 under the tuition of Mro. Carmelo Pace and was awarded a diploma in Musical Composition (A.L.C.M.) from the London College of Music. . He was a music teacher at local primary and secondary schools for over16 years.

He has been the clarinet soloist of the Soċjetà Filarmonika La Stella A.D. 1863 of Victoria, Gozo for 25 years. As a profession he was a Music Teacher at local Primary and Secondary Schools. He started violin lessons at an early age and is currently the leader of various orchestras in Gozo.

Mro. Galea is a noted composer of several festive band marches, funeral marches, religious and popular hymns in Malta and Gozo, village hymns as well as for several school hymns written during his time as music teacher. He was also commissioned to compose popular hymns for the Maltese Band Clubs in Canada and Australia. He made several musical arrangements for band and for orchestra, amongst which are four clarinet concertos. He composed classical pieces which have been performed by local and foreign bands. His compositions include Preludio in Sol minore, Marcia Sinfonica - Aria di Festa, Sarabanda Gioiosa, Elégie, Romance in A Flat, Serenity – A Tribute to Gozo and three overtures.

Sunny Galea also distinguished himself through the composition of various band marches and popular hymns such as Innu lill-Qalb ta’ Ġesu and Innu ta’ Inkurunazzjoni for the feast of Fontana, Innu lill-Madonna tal-Vizitazzjoni for the feast of Għarb the popular hymn Lil San Gorg Martri - Ġmiel u Ġawhra for the feast of St. George in Victoria, Lill-Madonna taċ-Ċintura, for the feast of il-Gudja and Innu lill-Fontana which was commissioned by the Fontana Local Council. Recently he also composed a new hymn Lill-Madonna ta’ Loreto which will be inaugurated in the forthcoming Għajnsielem feast in August. He also wrote four arrangements for clarinet solo and band.

In 1998, Mro. Galea started to hold music lessons and trainee sessions for the students of the “La Stella Band”. He also conducted the Band in the absence of its musical director, Prof. Joseph Vella, followed by his appointment as Assistant Musical Director of the ”La Stella Band”.

Mro. Galea held the post of Assistant Band Master of the Soċjetà Filarmonika La Stella A.D. 1863 of Victoria. After the resignation of Mro. Joseph Nazzareno Summut who rendered after 20 years of sterling service to the Band. The Gozitan conductor Mro. Sunny Galea from Victoria. was appointed Musical Director of Għaqda Mużikali San Ġużepp (Għajnsielem), Gozo, in February 2003. In 2005, Għaqda Mużikali San Ġużepp (Għajnsielem) launched a compact disc of twelve festive band marches, chosen from amongst his best compositions dating from 1961 onwards.