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Joe Axiak

Joseph Axiak (born 18th November 1989) is a Maltese multi-instrumentalist, mostly known for being the keyboardist for the band Relikc since 2008. Apart from Relikc, Joe plays bass for the band Scarlet Sally, but also involves himself in a multitude of projects all year round.

Relikc and Scarlet Sally

Having started learning the piano at age 9, Joe started meddling with bands from the age of 13 either as a keyboardist, drummer or singer. He started out by performing in a number of school concerts including the very popular St. Aloysius College Battle of the Bands. After competing against Relikc in 2007, he was asked to join the band as a keyboardist in 2008, which became his main focus for the years to come. Later in 2011, Joe started playing bass with the band Scarlet Sally which stemmed from his new interest in playing bass.

Involvement in other Projects and Organizations

Symphonik Choir

For several years, Joe performed in many Symphonik concerts, either as a singer, choir member or keyboardist.


Joe has participated in Strummin' since 2004, missing only the 2007 and 2015 edition, either as a singer, choir member, percussionist, drummer and keyboardist. From 2008 up to 2014 Joe was directly involved in the coordination of Strummin as a Guitarist Coordinator, Band Coordinator and Music Coordinator. He also taught guitar to guitarists in preparation for the concert throughout the summer months leading to each event.

The Kite Project

Lead by Annemarie Mayo and sponsored by the Malta Arts Fund, "The Kite Project" is a four track EP, in which Joe recorded piano and keyboards, and bass in one of the songs. The project also featured a number of performances by the band, showcasing the songs written.


Joe performed together with Akustika as a bassist during 2012 and 2013.

Malta Rock Movement

Joe has performed as a keyboardist alongside a multitude of renowned musicians and singers for a number of concerts organized by the Malta Rock Movement. The concerts included three shows as tribute to the super band "Pink Floyd", playing the entirety of their successful albums, "The Wall" and "Wish You Were Here", as well as a show in commemoration of fifty years of Maltese Independence, in which varied mix of rock anthems were played.

What The Funk

Starting in 2014, Joe joined the funky team of musicians as a bassist for the fourth and fifth editions of "What The Funk", directed by Mark Attard and featuring many talented musicians and singers. What The Funk also made an appearances in Earth Garden and the Farsons Great Beer Festival.



Relikc - Tomorrow (2009)

Relikc - Mindwreck (2010)

Relikc - Rollercoaster (2010)

Relikc - Take The Blame (2011)

Relikc - Nothin' On My Mind (2011)

Scarlet Sally - I Don't Get It (2013)

The Kite Project - Don't Hesitate (2014)

Relikc - Prime Time (2014)

Scarlet Sally - Back To The Start (2014)

The Kite Project - Friends (2014)


The Kite Project - The Kite Project (2014)

featuring songs:

01. Don't Hesitate

02. Circus

03. Cauldron Heart

04. Friends

Relikc - 'It's Not Misspelt' (2015)

featuring songs:

01. Prime Time

02. Push

03. Sharon Kaydee

04. Reach Out

Music Videos

Relikc - Take The Blame (2011)

Scarlet Sally - Euphoria [Loreen Cover] (2013)

Scarlet Sally - I Don't Get It (2013)

The Kite Project - Don't Hesitate (2014)

Relikc - Prime Time (2014)

Scarlet Sally - Back To The Start (2014)

Relikc - Sharon Kaydee (2015)