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One Radio is a Maltese radio station broadcasting on 92.7FM stereo, owned and operated by the Partit Laburista.

After transmitting for some months as a music only station in 1991 on 88.2FM, the station opened officially as Super One Radio on the 11 August 1991 with a direct transmission from the annual morning festa march from Ħamrun's St. Cajetan's feast. Tony Camilleri was the first broadcaster to have his voice heard on the station that morning.

The station started off as a joint venture between Partit Laburista and Smash Communications. It was the first private station after broadcasting pluralism was introduced in Malta.

The station uses a premises in Marsa which was given to Partit Laburista by the Government of Malta as a part of the deal when the Freedom Press building started to be used by Malta Shipbuilding Co. It used an antenna on the Rabat MLP club to transmit, with a number of repeaters in certain areas in Malta and Gozo.

In November 1991, it became the first Maltese station to transmit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A few weeks into 1992, Partit Laburista and Smash Communications went different ways as one had a political agenda while the other had a commercial one. Partit Laburista retained Super

In May 1992, an agreement was signed between Rainbow Productions (for Super One) and the Malta Broadcasting Authority to start transmitting on 92.7FM using the Għargħur master antenna.

Over the years, the company also opened a television station.

By time it became known as ONE.

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