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Rachel Grech

Rachel Grech was born in the Hitchin UK on 14 August, 1975. To Maltese and English Parents but moved to Malta as a young child. Rachel is a Soprano who grew up exposed to different genres of music, such as motown, rock, classical and metal from an early age.

She has always enjoyed singing and formed part of various choirs, taking part in various events over the years. Namely with the Amadeus Chamber Choir, Enkor Gospel Choir and the Voices Choir with whom she was also a soloist in 2000, 2002, 2004 & 2016 for the final Celebrations concert, singing ‘Barcelona’ with Tony Vella. Also a Strumming Home soloist in 2003. Currently she sings with the Jubilate Choir and the Voca choir with whom she is also a soloist.

Rachel was the vocalist for X-Rhythmns Jazz Band, performing at various wedding receptions. She currently sings for wedding masses and celebrations with keyboardist Kurt Spiteri Lucas.

Rachel Grech

Rachel has also been a part of the local metal scene for a number of years. She sang backing vocals on renowned Maltese doom metal band Forsaken’s track Via Crucis, as her brother Daniel Magri was rhythmn guitarist for the band.

More recently she sang with them at their 25th Anniversary Show and recorded a track with lead singer Leo Stivala for The Counterbalance Project. She was the main vocalist for the gothic doom band Weeping Silence from 2001 to 2012, with whom she released 3 albums, End of an Era (Sleazy Ryder Records 2008), Theatre of Life (Ravenheart Records 2010) & For the Unsung (Ravenheart Revords 2012). The band was also featured on several compilation albums and performed during various local Metal festivals and a mini tour of the UK in 2010. She is currently the vocalist of Power Metal band Blind Saviour with whom she has played various local metal festivals such as Shellshock, Xtreme Metal Assault & Voices Of The Succubi. Together they released the album THE MASTERPLAN and went on a UK mini tour in 2016. More recently they played at the Metal Queens Burning Night Festival in Italy in 2018. A new album is in the making and more local and overseas festivals are planned. Rachel was also a guest vocalist for Russian metal band Dissector on the album Planetary Cancer released in 2016.

For several years she has formed part of the Teatru Manoel Chorus, as a member of the ensemble for the operas La Clemenza Di Tito, Elisir D’Amour, Orphee E’Eurydice, La Nozze Di Figaro & lastly Don Giovanni in February 2018.

Wishing to further pursue Classical training in 2017 she studied under renowned Maltese Soprano Francesca Aquilina and obtained Trinity College London Grade 5 Singing to date.

Rachel Grech in Opera - Orphee e Eurydice

Rachel took part in the Official Opening Ceremony Of Valletta 2018 European Capital Of Culture, as part of the V18 Chorus under the direction of Pamela Bezzina, The Valletta Pageant of the seas and also two performances of the Maltese Opera Aħna Refuġjati directed by Mario Philip Azzoppardi with a small solo part, which was staged on the Floriana Granaries in September 2018.

In 2017 Rachel took part in the ensemble of the musical The Phantom of the Opera by Grapevine Productions staged at the MFCC. Together with Louisa Frendo Wirth, Debbie Scerri, Jackie Pace Delicata, Lara Camilleri and Deborah Vella, she sang as a backing vocalist at Rockestra in 2017 and 2018, with the Malta Philarmonic Orchestra at the MFCC in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund.

Rachel is looking forward to several upcoming performances later on this year and hopes to further continue her vocal training at the Malta School of Music.