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Mro. Mauro Farrugia

Mro. Mauro Farrugia B.A. (Hons.) Music Comp. (Melit., 2011), P.G.C.E. Music (Melit., 2012) is a graduated Composer, Orchestrator, Conductor, Educator, Freelance Trombone & Euphonium player, and Chorister. Born on 3 May, 1989. in a highly musical family, he is involved in the Classical, Choral, Contemporary, Chamber, Jazz, Pop, and Ska music scenes of his native Island.

From a very young age, Mauro had always shown a keen interest to the rich musical surrounding that he was brought up into. Beginning his first music lessons with his father Mro. Alfred Farrugia, lead to obtain a First Class Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree in Music Composition (Melitensis, May 2011), under the tuition of Co-Orinator Mro. John Galea, Profs. Mro. Dione. Buhagiar,[Profs. Mro. Joseph Vella]], Profs. Michael Laus, Dr. Frederick Aquilina, Dr. Philip Ciantar, Dr. Albert Pace, Dr. R. Pace, Rueben Zahra and Dr. Gordon Zammit.

During the final year of this degree, Mauro was able to attend a symposium on Contemporary Mediterranean Music at the Conservatorio Antonio Scontrino in Trapani, Siciliy (March 2011). In May 2012 (Melitensis), he finished reading a pedagogic Postgraduate Certificate in the Education of Music Studies (P.G.C.E.) under tuition of Co-ordinator Ms. M. Azzopardi Barbieri, Dr. M. Cassar (E.O.), and Ms. Claire Massa (H.O.D.). Currently Mauro is a full-time regular music teacher at the Malta School of Music, part of Kulleġġ Mikiel Anton Vassalli with the Department of Education.

Concurrently Mauro holds the position of director of music with the New Choral Singers, and serves as an assistant musical director of the Queen Victoria Concert Band of Żurrieq, whilst serving as coordinator and main tutor of the Queen Victoria School of Music, in the same town.

As a composer Mauro is emerging as one of the leading talents on his native Island. His works being Internationally acclaimed and winning prestigious competitions such as the Orchestral Masters Vol. 2, have granted him a publishing deal with ABLAZERecords (U.S.A.) consequently the works being distributed internationally through Naxos of America, iTunes, AMAZON MP3, Albany Music Distributors, Super D One Stop, BBC in Brittain, ABC in Australia, CBC in Canada, FANFARE Magazine and AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE. His works are performed on regular basis by the BRNO Philharmonic (Czech Republic), Malta Philharmonic Orchestra (M.P.O.), the New Choral Singers (TNCS), Big Band Brothers (BBB), Malta Association for Contemporary Music (MACM), CrossBones Trombone Quartet, Collegium Musicum Choir, Schola Cantorum Jubilate, The RIFFFS, CrossWalk, Queen Victoria Band, King’s Own Band, individual internationally renowned freelance artists such as Gjorgi Cincievski, Tricia Dawn Williams, Aulos Duo and a handful of other local concert bands.

Mro. Mauro Farrugia

The cross variety of styles reflects the composer’s interest in Orchestral, Choral, Concert Band, Chamber, Solo and Vocal works. Hence by no surprise one finds his music featured in the Orchestral Masters Vol.2 (2014) International Spring Orchestra Festival (2013), Malta Arts Festival (BBB, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011), Independence Day Concert (MPO, 2011), Young Composer’s Concert (MPO, 2011), Rockestra (MPO, 2012, 2011), Contemporary Music & Children (MACM, 2011), recitals by local artists, and various local concert band occasions throughout the year.

As a performer Mauro performed in various prestigious locations: Valle d’Aosta (September 2017), Sud Tirol (August 2017), San Marino (September 2015), 2012 London Olympics (London, U.K.: August 2012), Festivals (Berlin, Germany & Czech Repulic: July 2012), Royal Albert Hall (London, U.K.: October 2011), Consevartorio A. Scontrino (Trapani, Sicily: March 2011), Heidelberg (Germany: June 2007), Pisa (Italy: March 2008), Istanbul (Turkey: August 2010) and locally in all the major concert halls, i.e.- Teatru Manoel, Mediterranean Conference Centre, St. John’s Co-Cathedral, St. Pauls Pro-Cathedral, St. Peter’s & St. Paul’s Metropolitan Cathedral, St. James Cavalier, Sir Temi Żammit, Catholic Institute, Aula Magna, Teatru Orpheum etc.

As a freelance performer Farrugia had been engaged as a Bass Trombonist with the Malta Youth Orchestra (MYO) since 2011, Big Band Brothers (BBB) since May 2009 and on part-time basis with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) since 2012, where he had the opportunity to perform under the baton of world class conductors and composers such as Karl Jenkins, Wayne Marshall, Steve Mercurio & Peter Stark. Concurrently holds the position of principal Trombone with Cappella bel Canto (since December 2014) and CrossWalk (since September 2011). Mauro is also the principal Euphonium player with the Queen Victoria Band (Since July 1998) with whom he had the opportunity to first perform and develop as one of the leading brass players, performing with various other local concert & big bands.

His services as a freelance musician catered also for the Brass House Unit, The Taylors, The RIFFFS and CrossBones Trombone Quartet (Bass Trombonist from January 2010 till December 2011), Junior College Orchestra (2006 till 2010) and Ziguzajg Valletta flash mobs (August 2012, & November 2011). As a chorister he formed part of the Kor Malta, Mediterranean Voices, Collegium Musicum and University Vocal Ensemble (since late 2008).

Mauro is still furthering his studies in each particular field whilst at the same time widening up his research into various musical genres and styles guided by the philosophy of Rachmaninoff, “Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music...”