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Mary Rose Johnson (born 28 September 1952) is a retired Rediffusion and Radju Malta announcer from l-Imsida.

Mary Rose Johnson

She was educated at the Msida Primary School and St. Louis Grammar School in Sliema.

Although her original career choice was to be a school teacher, she became a professional broadcast following a formal request for announcers. During her initial six months of training, she worked directly with Charles Arrigo, Victor Galdes, Victor Aquilina, Ida Hurl Hobbs, Joan Azzopardi and Liliana Bencini.

Her initial duties were on Rediffusion's A Network, which broadcast in English, as a part time. She introduced various programmes, such as Listeners' Choice, Gospel Music, Evening Star, Siesta Time, and Folk Music. Eventually she moved to the B Network, broadcasting exclusively in Maltese. and started full time career. Among the first programmes she worked on was one involving Maltese immigrants, named Il-Ħolqa (the link), other programmes included L-Għażla tas-Semmiegħa (Listeners' Choice), and Għoddni Tiegħek (Yours Faithfully), among many others.

Johnson worked on TV briefly but abandoned any further involvement in favour of radio. Towards the end of her career, she was assigned clerical duties at PBS in 2001 as continuity announcers were removed from the broadcasting style of Radju Malta till she finished from the job in 2004 from PBS in the early retirement.

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