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Marisa D’Amato

One of the leading Country singers in the Maltese Islands, Considered to be Malta's Queen of Country Music.

Born at Zurrieq on 17 March. She is a Country Song Singer and Radio Presenter.

Marisa D'Amato has been in the local scene since she participated for the first time in the Malta Song for Europe Festival 1996. In the mine time she was part with the Police Band. In the following years she participated in the1998 and 2003 editions, also in the Malta Song Festival 1996 and Malta Song Festival 1999 and the L-Għanja tal-Poplu Festival 1998, L-Għanja tal-Poplu Festival 2001 and L-Għanja tal-Poplu Festival 2004.

She also took part in various musicals produced locally , Jesus Christ Superstar, the Sound of Music and the leading role in the local musical Jisimni Katarina.

But her career had a big turnover when she decided to become a Country Music singer. It all started when Eileen Montesin, a local TV producer asked Marisa to participate in a Country TV show callled Rodeo. Afterwards Marisa released her first Country CD Makin'Believe.

Marisa D’Amato

She participated in other TV programs as guest singer, and performed in all leading Country acvivities around the Islands. After being chosen as one of the honorary singers of the CMAS (Country music appreciation society) in September 2000, she had the opportunity to sing in Louisiana and Tennessee where she performed in a concert with flatpicking champion, guitar player Steve Kaufmann and Dolly Parton's Banjo player (The Blueniques) Gary Davis. A few months later, Marisa released her second album, Country Heart & Soul.

In February 2004, Marisa released her third album Heartaches & Roses that includes duets with J.J. Johns from the Netherlands and local Country singer Araldo.

In 2006 Marisa released her fourth CD My kind of Country that includes 3 of her original tracks.In 2007 Marisa toured in Australia for 7 weeks giving performanses in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The same year she also performed in Ireland and UK. Her 2008 UK second tour was very sucsessful, coninuing her performances in UK in 2009 in leading Country Music Festivals and Clubs in Wolverhampton, Derby, Blackpool, Stoke, Poole and Birchwood. Also in 2009 Marisa did mer second Australiam tour for 6 weeks.

In December 2013 Marisa Also toured in UK and Canada.

Marisa is one of the leading singers appreaing regualary on sky channel all over Europe in The Phil Mack country International Road and is performing in England and Ireland in the concerts and shows Phil Mack organizes all is performing in England and Ireland around the UK. Hner song video clips flimed in Malta ara being viewed by millions on sky channel all over Europe, Alo gie a lot of Exposure to the main Atractions around Malta and Gozo.

Apart from her singing carreer Marisa Host a Daily Radio Show on Malta leaging Radio Station One Radioand produces and presents a country TV program, Country Jamboree on One TV.

Marisa is also the only CMA (Country music Association) member from Malta which is the worldwide known association for Country Music, and she has been given the right to cast her votes for the CMA Awards, which are held yearly in Nashville Tennessee in November.

Currently Marisa presented a radio programmes on One, and a Tv programmes named Sajf (Summer)

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