Maltese Singers in The Junior Eurovision Song Contest

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Here are information about Maltese Singers in The Junior Eurovision Song Contest that entered the Junior Eurovision Song Contest nine times since debuting at the first contest in 2003. Entrants for the Contest were selected by a national selection, organised by the Maltese broadcaster PBS from 2003 to 2010.

On July 16, 2011, Malta decided to withdraw from the ninth edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, the first withdrawal for Malta. Even though Maltese is one of the national languages spoken by some of the people of the island, the young artists representing Malta have always chosen to sing in English hoping that this would grant them a better placing. Malta took a 2 year break (in 2011 and 2012) and decided to return in 2013.

In 2013, the country opted for an internal selection since the broadcaster decided to return to the contest at a rather late stage (25 September 2013). PBS chose Gaia Cauchi as the 2013 Maltese representative.

Malta's best placing in the contest was in 2013, when Gaia Cauchi came first with The Start. The country's worst placing was in 2005, when Thea & Friends came sixteenth and last in the contest with Make It Right.


Member Station - PBS

National Selection events – Junior Song For Europe (2003-2007)– Junior Eurosong (2008-2010)– Internal Selection (2013-2014)

Maltese Singers in The Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Here are all the Malta representative Singers from 2003 till 2014 in the final:-

Year Performers Language Song Title Place Points The Final
2003 Sarah Harrison English Like A Star 07 106 [[1]]
2004 Young Talent Team English Power of A Song 12 64 [[2]]
2005 Thea & Friends English Make It Right 16 68 [[3]]
2006 Sophie Debattista English Extra Cute 11 98 [[4]]
2007 Cute English Music 12 87 [[5]]
2008 Daniel Testa English Junior Swing 04 150 [[6]]
2009 Francesca Sciberras & Mikaela Bajada English Double Trouble 08 105 [[7]]
2010 Nicole Azzopardi English - Maltese Knock Knock!… Boom! Boom 13 85 [[8]]
2013 Gaia Cauchi English The Start 01 180 [[9]]
2014 Federica Falzon English Diamonds 04

The Junior Eurovison Song Contest Editions

Here are Listed are all the countries that have ever taken part in the competition alongside the years from 2003 till 2014 in which they made their debut