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Malta Shipbuilding Company Limited, was a Maltese state-owned ship building company situated in il-Marsa, built in the early 1970s with support from the People's Republic of China. The company ceased to operate in the early 2000s.

In 2012/13 it became the primary repository for old public transport buses, when a new service was introduced through the Arriva company.

The site contains three large, former ship building, sheds that will make up the venue for 2014. The middle shed will be the main audience area and stage; while the two side sheds will be used as audience entrances and exits, restrooms, and refreshment stalls.

In March 2014, the site was used by the Fondazzjoni Ċelebrazzjonijiet Nazzjonali for the concert Rock and Steel, showcasing some of Malta's most popular rock acts, including The Crowns, Airport Impressions, The Rifffs, Red Electrick, and Tribali to mark the 35th anniversary of Freedom Day.

In November 2014, the site will host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 and Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

The venue has a capacity for between 4,000-4,500 people.