Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021

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After PBS was pubblised the rules for the MJESE 2021 fis-26 ta’ Settembru, 2019. The 12 finalists of this year’s Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest have been announced. The winner of this festival will be representing the Maltese islands on the 19th of December in Paris.

The 12 finalists who will be taking part in the MJESC are:

No Singers Songs Lyricis Composer Televoting Video
01 My Angels Calling Emma Briffa Muxu Cyprian Cassar 50616001 (Click for Video)
02 Keep Your Drama Kylie Micallef Christina Magrin Christina Magrin 50616002 (Click for Video)
03 Wild and Free Maria Curmi Emil Calleja Bayliss Cyprian Cassar 50616003 (Click for Video)
04 Change Yulan Law Etienne Micallef Dominic Cini, Jonas Gladnikoff 50616004 (Click for Video)
05 Building Eksenia Sammut Bettina Muchmore Philipa Naudi Bettina MuchMore, Philipa Naudi 50616005 (Click for Video)
06 Dear World Amelia Kalabic Christina Magrin Christina Magrin 50616006 (Click for Video)
07* Drops Like Fire Bri & Rih Muxu Cyprian Cassar 50616007 (Click for Video)
08 Limitless Ella Tohamy Muxu Cyprian Cassar 50616008 (Click for Video)
09 My Home Ike Mizzi, Kaya Gouder Curmi Owen Leuellen, Muxu Cyprian Cassar 50616009 (Click for Video)
10 On My Way Yulan Law Amber Bondin Elton Zarb 50616010 (Click for Video)
11 Magic Marija Djinovic Emil Calleja Bayliss Aldo Spiteri, Bradley Spiteri 50616011 (Click for Video)
12^ Running Free Mycha, Kylie & Denzel Jo Armani Emil Calleja Bayliss Denzil Jo Armani, Joseph Armani, Toby Farrugia 50616012 (Click for Video)

^ Myha, Kylie & Denzel Jo si a trio composed by Mychael Bartolo Chircop, Kylie Ann Cassar and Denzel Jo Armani

Due to a substantial increase in the number of applications, this year there was a need for more jurors to screen the songs submitted and therefore the process was split in two. During the first phase of this process, a number of expert jurors listened to all the songs and selected the first 20 finalists. In the second phase, the process continued with the involvement of a number of international juries, with the aim of reducing the number of finalists to 12. The Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be staged on October 16, and will be broadcast live on TVM and


The Festival was presented by Elaine Saliba Bonnici


The Jury for this final night where:-

Special Guests

During the intervall till the result was annouced there entertaiment by Gaia Cauchi, and Destiny Chukunyere two past rappresentive Malta in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in the past years, and the last year winner of Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021 Chanel Monseigneur

The Winner

After the 12 finalists at Malta Junior Eurovision performed their original song in front of the jury. The jury vote and the public vote were combined with an equal percentage (50% each) to determine the official result.

The winners was announcered

No Singers Songs Lyrics Composers Video
01 Ike Mizzi, Kaya Gouder Curmi My Home Owen Leuellen , Muxu Cyprian Cassar (Click for Video)
02 Myca, Kylie & Denzel Jo Armani Running Free Emil Calleja Bayliss Denzil Jo Armani, Joseph Armani, Toby Farrugia (Click for Video)
03 Yulan Law Change Etienne Micallef Dominic Cini, Jonas Gladnikoff (Click for Video)

The winning singer will be representing Malta, in this year’s Junior Eurovision which will be held on Dicember in Paris.