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Etienne Micallef

Etienne Micallef was born on 20 April, 1977. in the capital City of Malta, Valletta, he lives in Ħaż-Żabbar He is a author and as profession he is a teacher.

Teacher at Primary school for the past 14 years, since 2001. Father of 3 children Logan, Leah and Lee. When Etienne was ten, he began to learn the music with the King's Own Band which eventually started to play music with this band in 1992. Today is no longer part of the band due to family commitments are large. When he was small he was part of the company Delfini Ferrieħa which is still active till today in Birgu where he participated in several plays, comedies and even evenings of singing.

He made a long time presents programs on the community station Radio similarity er head, Radju Xeb-er-ras at Valletta, where even has run a program of 3 hours each Sunday playing Maltese music. Between 2000 and 2003 entered with Super One Radio which made 3 years presents several programs including even the breakfast show with Rose Roberts during the summer days.

Took part as an extra in several Maltese drama, the last of them, Rajt ma’ Rajtx. He was one of the main actors in the film Kalunji by Elio Lombardi. Also participated in quiz programs on various local stations.

Today writes several pantomem foe the college where he teaching and write the lyrics of each song in the Maltese language pantomem. The love for writing has always been there and wrote several poems both for children and for adults who have never been published before. Also wrote two plays of passion, Imnara Dawl and Is-Siġra tal-Ħajja that have been raised at the Dominican Hall, Valletta during the days of Holy Week. Always follow the competitions of singing to pick Malta, both in Maltese and English language.

He has written several pantome in Maltese language that have been raised in the College of [St. Albert the Great]] between 2011 and 2014. Translated several popular songs with Maltese that have been used in pantome.

It was mum of his former student Paolo Micallef asked him to write some lyrics that reflect the character of Paolo. From there was born Maġija b’Teknoloġija, a sweet song that deals with the theme of children and the parents and their relationship with technology. This song won the Song Contest Independence KKI Junior 2015 and has music by Augusto Cardinali.

Etienne hope that this could not the frist and the last time, to participate in competitions such because it feels that it can contribute more enters with the Maltese language.