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The Malta Music Memory Project was launched at the M3P Inaugural Symposium held at St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity in Valletta on Saturday 25 September 2010 at 2:00pm.

The event was presented during the 2010 Notte Bianca: Lejl Imdawwal.


Theme A: Introduction to the M3P

Documenting Live Music Through a Collaborative Multimedia Database

The M3P Wiki: Getting Started

One By One: Documenting Malta’s music scene

Based on his long-term involvement in the local music scene - from being a fan to being in bands to writing about bands, music correspondent and radio DJ Michael Bugeja speaks about his initial efforts to chronicle the local music scene in print and on the internet and the benefits that a structure such as M3P will offer towards documenting the history of music in Malta.


Theme B: Capturing all genres across time

Music Fan Cultures in Malta: A case study of Maltese heavy metal subculture

  • Albert Bell

Drawing from the findings of his doctoral dissertation on heavy metal in Malta and his long-standing involvement in the music scene as fan, mediator and musician, Dr Bell examines myriad constructs of heavy metal subculture in Malta including the trajectories and contingencies that immersion in the subculture entails.

Malta’s Lost Voices: The collection, digitisation and preservation of 78rpm recordings (1931-32)

  • Andrew Alamango

Discussing a Maltese National Cultural Identity through Malta’s Pop and Rock Groups since 1964.

  • Noel D’Anastas


Theme C: Critical issues related to the M3P

Intellectual Property Issues Raised by the M3P

Respondent to Presentations

  • Steve Borg

What Happens Next?

  • Discussion led by Toni Sant & Alex Grech

Networking Workshop

An M3P networking workshop took place at St James Cavalier in Valletta, immediately after the Inaugural Symposium.

This part of the M3P launch started out with a live acoustic gig by Rita Pace in the Music Room, featuring guitarists Kalcidon "ta' Mustaċċa" Vella, Denise "ta' Kalċ" Vella, and Willie Saliba, and pianist Clifford Borg.

In the Studio next door to the Music Room, key stakeholders from the M3P team demonstrated how entries to the database can be submitted by anyone interested in contributing collaboratively to the preservation of the collective and personal memories. Performers and music lovers were invited to see how their own entries can also be created and/or updated live for all to see.

The proceedings for this part of the M3P launch included a VJ session with Alfie Fabri, addressing the need for a video archive of Maltese music.

Evening Concert

The M3P inaugural events included an evening concert . The concert was held in the northern section of Hastings Garden in Valletta, as part of Notte Bianca. This concert was presented by Toni Sant and entitled/themed You Rarely Hear This On the Radio!


Support for the M3P launch event provided through the Malta Arts Fund of the Malta Council for Culture & the Arts within the Parliamentary Secretariat for Tourism, the Environment and Culture; the University of Hull's School of Arts & New Media and the Creative Enterprise Lab, Scarborough, UK; St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity; and Cultural Contact Point (Malta).

Technical director: Winston Degiorgio.

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