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Charlotte Bartolo

Charlotte Bartolo born on the 29 September 1975, she is the second eldest daughter of the late Sammy Bartolo mostly known as the lead singer of the New Cuorey, like the rest of all her family she live in Mellieħa.

She have grown up listening to Music and watching her dad sing in hotels and various festivals and although she always wished someday she would follow his footsteps, she was too shy and backed out everytime her dad try to get her involved in a children’s festival or singing activities, Charlotte however was, part of both her primary and secondary school choir.

Charlotte Bartolo

It was many years later that she along with her sisters took part in a Sammy Bartolo Tribute show in Mellieħa, for the first time they sang dad’s songs with the original members of the group The New Cuorey and before they knew it, they were being requested to do other shows mainly singing her dad’s songs.

Charlotte have sang with several bands too, Mro.Paul Abela Band, Philip Vella’s Band, Jamm Band and others. For two years she was part of the Maltin Oriġinali Show with Mro.Joe Brown and his band.

In 2010 she became a mum to baby girl called Sienna and went to live in Madeira, Portugal for nearly a year, so sadly she could not be a part of the Musical Imħabba Fuq L’Għolja along with her sisters.

In 2011 her sisters and Charlotte were finalists in the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2011 with the song Liberi and in 2012 she was one of her sister Nadine’s backing vocals in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, later that same year she went to Australia to perform for the Maltese community with her sisters Nadine Bartolo and Luisana Bartolo where they put on a Tribute show The Sammy Bartolo Story.

In 2013 she was part of the Christmas CD compilation Ħelu Bambin in the aid of Dar Tal Providenza.

Music is not her full time job, and her family are now her priority, but music was, is and will always be a huge part of her life and it is now part of her 4 years old daughter’s life too!

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