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Edmond Zarb

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Joseph Edmond Zarb, better known as Edmond Zarb was born in Ħamrun on 2 March, 1945. Early began his piano studies at the insistence of his father who was a musician Anthony well and playing several times with the Manoel Theatre Orchestra and even even in the Opera House (Tejatru Ir-Rjal) (now demolished and replaced by a homeless Theatre).

Among his pianist career, Edmond playing in several hotels in Malta, with the most notable one among them is the Hilton International Hotel Malta which lasted almost thirty years as its resident pianist. As soon as the Hilton was demolished, Edmond quickly found its place inside the Westin Dragonara Resort in San Ġiljan and even in Phoenicia Hotel.

Edmond also made time to write songs for local and foreign festivals. Were many singers who interpretat his beautiful songs, including, to Marthese Tanti, Moira Stafrace, Debbie Scerri, Phyillisienne Brincat, Enzo Gusman, Renato Micallef, Helen Micallef, Hilda Schembri, Joe Cutajar, Catherine Vigar and others.....

He also participated in several international festivals held abroad, including Meer Und Meer inside Rostock in Germany with singers Enzo Gusman and Catherine Vigar, participation in Queensland by Debbie Scerri, in Tokyo in the famous festival organized by Yamaha music foundation with the participation of Joe Cutajar, as well as in Ireland with the participation of Enzo Gusman.

But besides the music lover Edmond Zarb and writing in Maltese and among the many novels he wrote F’Xifer L-Irdum, F’Salib It-Toroq, F'Keffa ta’ Mizien, F’Telfa tal-Ġenn, F’Radda Ta’ Salib, F’Seħer it-Tifkiriet, F’Taqbida mal-Mewġ, F’Tgħammiqa mal-Mewt which was produced as a tele-series on the local PBS station, and as mentioned others who remained Nina, Emma, and Sarah.

The last few touches much to his romance of the past and it is intended that it be printed from BDL to the beginning of 2015.