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Jillianne Camilleri

Jillianne Camilleri was born on the 8 of February 1997 at Ħaż-Żabbar at St James Hospital, she must say that the number eight is considered as one of my luckiest number. Jillianne live in a small place called Ħal-Safi found in the south of Malta. And consider herself as a very bubbly, outgoing and friendly person. Her life moto is Think Positive, Be Yourself.

Jillianne have been singing since the age of 3 years old where, she used to make part of a choir and also used to take part in small festivals which marked the beginning of her career.

Besides her singing, she also love acting especially in musicals. One of the musicals which she will never forget for sure is when Jillianne played the role of Mother Abess in the Sound of Music which was held in her school at St.Monica School at il-Gżira which is very well known for good musicals.

Meanwhile Jillianne also had different opportunities in singing with choirs which she really loved to do since she meet new people.

She also had the opportunity to be part of the school of drama called Masquerade were there she used to take part in various occasions one which was her favourite was the concert of Simply Webber. Jillianne also managed to obtain group drama exams of Trinity School. Besides the Drama exams she also did Trinity Individual Singing Exams at level 1 and at level 3.

Jillianne Camilleri

During the years Jillianne also had the opportunity to learn music theory which helps me a lot in my singing which she also set for some theory exams. Something else which she did during her childhood was that she learned the guitar, it is something that relaxes her during the studies besides singing

Thanks to various local festivals in the past 2 years, Jillianne was given the opportunity to go and sing abroad,in Italy in the Microfono D'Oro festival where we had to create an original Italian song and in Bulgaria in the festival Silver Yantra with the songs La Voix and L-Aħħar Bidwi f’Wied il-Għasel.

Luckily to say it has been in these last 6 months where she started to make part with the La Voix Academy under the direction of Ms Gillian Attard. Thanks to her amazing and markable teaching, and Jillianne can say now, that her voice now has more technique as a Soprano.

Currently Jillianne is preparing for her a'levels which will lead her to the tertiary level of education in the University of Malta.

On 7 March 2015 Jillianne placed in third place in the first edition of Maltese festival Konkors Melodija Maġika 2015 held at St Vincent Hall with the song Dinja li nsiet lyrics by Stephen Baldacchino and music by Dominic Cini ‘Minik’.

Now she obviously really looking forward, for the new opportunity that she have infront of her. Jillianne was very honored to be one of the finalists of the Malta Summer Hit Song Contest 2015 with the song Dangerous : Music by Elton Zarb and lyrics by Muxu (Matt Mercieca).

Jillianne dream is to continue on her studies and also to continue with her singing career which she treasure so much and everyday, she thank God for the talent that he had offered to her !

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