Is-Siegħa tal-Kittieba

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Is-Siegħa tal-Kittieba is a series of interviews with Maltese writers produced by St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity and Immanuel Mifsud, coordinated by Dr Marco Galea and Dr Simone Galea. The interviews are interspersed with readings from each author's latest work and followed by a Q&A session with the public. The first series was presented between 15 October 2009 and 4 March 2010 and featured ten authors. Series 2 is scheduled between 14 October 2010 and 10 March 2011.

Each interview in both series was conducted by either Marco Galea, Simone Galea or Immanuel Mifsud in the Music Room at St James Cavalier.

Piano accompaniment by Giselle Grima. Readings by Sharon Bezzina.

These events have no entry fee and start at 7:30pm. All sessions are conducted in Maltese.

Series 1

15 October 2009 Pierre Meilak Marco Galea <flashmp3 id="1"></flashmp3>
29 October 2009 Maria Grech Ganado Simone Galea <flashmp3 id="2"></flashmp3>
12 November 2009 Albert Marshall Immanuel Mifsud <flashmp3 id="3"></flashmp3>
26 November 2009 Rena Balzan Simone Galea <flashmp3 id="4"></flashmp3>
10 December 2009 Clare Azzopardi Marco Galea <flashmp3 id="5"></flashmp3>
7 January 2010 Oreste Calleja Marco Galea <flashmp3 id="6"></flashmp3>
21 January 2010 Mario Azzopardi Immanuel Mifsud <flashmp3 id="7"></flashmp3>
4 February 2010 Adrian Grima Simone Galea <flashmp3 id="8"></flashmp3>
18 February 2010 Alfred Buttigieg Marco Galea
4 March 2010 Mario Vella Marco Galea

Video recordings for each event in series 1 will be available here soon.

Series 2

14 October 2010 Ġorġ Borg Simone Galea
28 October 2010 Joe Friggieri Immanuel Mifsud
11 November 2010 Ġużi Gatt Marco Galea
25 November 2010 Simone Inguanez Immanuel Mifsud
9 December 2010 Oliver Friggieri Marco Galea
20 January 2011 Lina Brockdorff Simone Galea
3 February 2011 Trevor Zahra Simone Galea
17 February 2011 Alfred Sant Marco Galea
3 March 2011 Walid Nabhan Simone Galea
10 March 2011 Victor Fenech Immanuel Mifsud

Video recordings for each event will be available here soon.

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