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Hooligan is a Maltese rapper born 23 September 1980, whose real name is Johnston Farrugia. In 2017 he began using the name Hooli

His family name is Johnston, His father is a Manchester United, Supporter but he loves England and when an English club plays a Foreign club we Always support the English one... that's what happened back in 1980 when i was born ....Liverpool had a Great australian player named Craig Johnston and he Named him Johnston after him!

For some years he was married to Melissa Farrugia Thornton, but today are no longer together but we're friends more then ever.

Hooligan made his stunning debut on the local music scene in February 2003 with his album Oriġinali Bħali, which was an immediate hit. Tracks from the album darted to the top of both radio DJs/presenters and their listeners' list of favourite songs. From then onwards, the young artist has performed in hundreds of musical events all around Malta and Gozo. Hooligan's second project, which followed a similar curve, was the single Nieħdu Buzz, released in the summer of 2004. His second album, Hooliġinali, had 12 tracks and as a bonus included the music video of Nieħdu Buzz.

Cd Triloġinali

In Triloġinali, Hooligan experiments the blending of RAP and Hip Hop music with dance, which internationally is currently in vogue. Hooligan combined his style with that of local renowned singers including Maria Muscat 'La Barokka' (Classical music), Fabrizio Faniello, Adie, Dime’N’D and a duet with Janvil with a song mixed with Hip Hop and Charleston.

“My first thought for this album was to produce it in English, however after requests from my fans I decided to do the songs in Maltese, after all I am Maltese and writing RAP in my mother tongue is the basis of my career. During the years I feel I have matured in my talent. The lyrics I pen are sometimes controversial however all these have a positive message in them. Through my lyrics, I feel closer to the people of all ages; feeding the message that one, for some reason might not do.”

The CD's producer and sound engineer is Elton Zarb (Freetime Productions) while the sleeve photographs were taken by Charles Zammit of Fotogenic. The main sponsors for this are De Carmens, La Grotta, Hon. Dr. Marlene Farrugia, Natius Ola, Fotogenic Studio and Paul Target.

Further information on Hooligan can be obtained from http://www.facebook.com/HooliganMalta or by sending an email on

On the 9 November 2013 Hooligan together with 'Janvil' took part in the Festival Internazzjonali tal-Kanzunetta Maltija 2013 for the first time, and won Best Stage Performance Award for the song composed by Augusto Cardinali and Giovann Attard and beside that came second in televoting.

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Oriġinali Bħali (2003)

  • 01. Intro
  • 02. Oriġinali Bħali
  • 03. Tinqeridx [feat.Dogette]
  • 04. Pace Ville Spiss [feat. Luda C]
  • 05. Il-Flus Kollox? [feat.Dogette]
  • 06. Hooligan's 3d [feat.C-Damege,Dogette]
  • 07. Maltama [feat.Buggly-B[
  • 08. Meta Tiġi Ftħila L-Bieb [feat.Dogette]
  • 09. Ready For Competition [feat.Mach 11, PpClip,kz.BJ(c-Damage), Ace,Crazed,Freak J, G-Force]
  • 10. Outro, Ready For Competition
  • 11. Għaliex? [feat.Dogette]
  • 12. Ittra l-Ommi [feat.Dogette]
  • 13. Outro.
  • 14. Mental Bonus Track Kollox Up!

Hooliġinali (2004)

  • 01. Intro
  • 02. Hooliġinali
  • 03. 8 Drabiet Remix [feat.She2's]
  • 04. Hooldays
  • 05. Music
  • 06. Meta l-Qanpiena Ddoqq [feat.Aldo Busuttil]
  • 07. Ibda mill-Ġdid [feat.Debbie Scerri]
  • 08. Hoolistyle [feat.Julie Zahra]
  • 09. Day by Day [feat.Ira Losco]
  • 10. Kollox Up 2 [feat.Dime'n'D]
  • 11. Tasal ta' Kulħadd [feat.Joe Demicoli]
  • 12. 8 Darbiet
  • 13. Hoolibounce
  • 14. Outro
  • 15. Nieħdu Bużż (Music Video)

Triloġinali (2012)

  • 01. Intro
  • 02. Nilqak f'Malta
  • 03. Fuq In-Nisa
  • 04. You [feat.La Barokka]
  • 05. Teqridnix (Tinqeridx Remix) [feat.Fabrizio Faniello]
  • 06. It-Telgħa tal-Kalvarju
  • 07. Skit
  • 08. Tug of War (Intro)
  • 09. Tug of War [feat.Adie]
  • 10. Nibqgħu Nieġdu Bużż
  • 11. Triloġinali (Intro)
  • 12. Triloġinali [feat.Dime'N'D]
  • 13. Hoo u Wit? [feat.Janvil]
  • 14. Sexy
  • 15. The Hoolibounce (Clean)
  • 16. Outro
  • 17. Hooliġinali Medley (Bonus Track)


  • Nieħdu Buzz (2004)


  • Nieħdu Buzz (2004)

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