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Alfred Zammit was born on 19 November 1969 son of Helen and Alfred (John) Zammit, at St. Luke's Hospital in Tal-Pietà. He was baptized in the parish of St. Dominic, in Valletta.

Alfred has got two brothers and a sister. Although Alfred is known as a presenter nervous, he remains afraid to make with people, talk and discuss with them, and this is why a gentleman he was never forgetting from where he started.

It was still only seventeen years old, when he began working as a disk jockey in most discos in Valletta such as Colussioum.

Furthermore Alfred Zammit always had a great drag to broadcasting as a means of communication and effective popolar, began giving his voluntary contribution to Super One Radio, where here, the first was wirha personal capabilities that could be observed right and that's because no-claim, he showed confidence and responsible work true.

The first program who got Alfred Zammit on the Radio, would bring the name of Wara l-Weekend. This program would be broadcast each on Monday. Was run into 7.00p.m. It was program substantial number of listeners and here then the already popolorita not trivial to Alfred Zammit become more limited, scattered and widespread.

But Alfred Zammit did not, himself a unique presentation of one on the radio program, This was the beginning of the ntroduction recognition for Alfred Zammit on the local media. Although he was a political station, Alfred Zammit and got many fans of any politic opinion. Apparti Radio Alfred Zammit also started now presents on television. He kept the norm of this time presenter on television with programs like Bi Stress, Burdati which was the presenter and producer, also Sibt Kumpanija aslo Producer and Presenter. It was even Presenter and program Production on Fuq Tlieta Toqgħod il-Borma

But Alfred Zammit did’nt stopped here. This was not entirely to itself.

Like Presenter again, but this time also as Director of Inflation Media Productions Alfred Zammit began presenting the program, and it was first struck with the tastes of viewers, and damaged several popular both corners of information, and for about ten years named Kalamita Weekend, where the Presenter and Director of Inflation Media Productions company successfully continued presentin with a great success of the program taht had changed its name and became Kalamita and started view between Monday to Friday and run until today and still popular annual going on radio program with name of Kartolina.

Between 1987 and 1990 he occupied the post of President of the Socialist Youth Union. And I got the date of 20 November 1993 was elected to the first time in Valletta Local Council Where a whole decade, was elected in three consecutiv elections, he remained in the council elected in greater ammounts of vote. For four years cvonsecutivi (between 2007-2010) he was a winner of People's Choice as Best TV Personality in MaltaTelevision Awards.

When work taken seriously, make love, When nations, that task becomes. The vocation to share with others, changed into wealth noble, and this opened up by the end becomes part of your life, It is He dreamed, He thought, and carried Grains wished Alfred Zammit.

He presented several evenings and festivals around the islands, the most recent one could named The International Festival of Maltese Song done resumed in 2013 after an absence of eleven years old.