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DUN ĠORĠ: The Musical is a project that has been going on 3 years.

Its purpose is not to create a production for stage ... and that .... but the main objective is to through to production stage, we collect a group of exceptionally talented people. The aim is to collect ideas, different opinions, great imagination ... and blind trust, trust the creative element of producing such young hands.

For us, the Musical is an extension of the dream of Dun Ġorġ. more than 100 years ago, Dun Ġorġ went on young crowd and said 'you never teachg or learned. But I'm counting on you, and I dream that I would like to done by me. 'And red on the girls and said the same thing ... and wrote in Maltese. Today, we, more than 100 years later, we also go on a group of people who had never written or composed a musical, or design a set or mada costume. But going blind trust them and tell them to help. And really they helped us ... and here we are today.

In the Musical, God is .....ballerina, a sweet girl who symbolizes even sexuality - the gift of God to man. The ballerina is the extreme join together .... like God Himself. Symbolizes the delicate, the fragility, the femininity, but strength and power. Freedom, but the discipline, the rhythm of a clock. It is the art and science, science and art joined together.

To our knowledge, there has been never sone this thing ever ... because we not only are writing and produced ans directed this work by us, and all we, not only doing with youngsters, but we are doing all live and also volunteering

DUN ĠORĠ: IL-MUSICAL is a madness in our opinion. But no great thing in the world to become stringless mad.

We attempt to present Dun Ġorġ as a young man, as indeed was

We attempt to present Dun Ġorġ adversely affect human as avantgarde ... before his era

We attempt to present Dun Ġorġ as the man of Malta and not just of the Church or Museum.

We attempt to present Dun Ġorġ virtually as a politician ... socialist .... that first felt the pulse of the people ... before everyone else.

But we are trying nimmodernizzawh. Because when something modernize, to somehow admit that some time was old. And we can not ever admit that Dun Ġorġ was old.

We try to dream as Dun Ġorġ, and the like, in today's world and with modern means to us, to make Jesus ‘known and loved’.

The style of the clothes and the set is vintage .... adoption concept throughout the entire musical and us means that fine line that lies between the new and the old, between the modern and the traditional, between the classical and the contemporary. And the new ... nothing new for us it is not simply a ‘revived old’.

Dun Ġorġ understood that the only way development was the education of the people ... and educate the people by that thing that was the most confident people in Religion. For the people, the religion was the beginning and the end of the day, monotonous routine of life itself. It was pleased, weep, recalls, celebrates, was the beginning, end, and everything in-between.

This is a few words San Ġorġ Preca and so we are trying rappresented people in the Musical, wriet by Marc Laurence Zammit who is also the Artistic director and composed by Francesco Grech who is the Orchestra director.

Espite everything we are doing with young people, are constantly collaborating with the MUSEUM Society, people who still remember Dun Ġorġ alive, as John Formosa, Evelyn Chircop and Hilda Chircop, with experts in the field of theater, the literature and music, as Peppi Azzopardi, Prof. Oliver Friggieri, Mro. Michael Laus and soprano Miriam Gauci, and even with Church authorities, including Msgr.Mario Grech and Mgr. Charles Scicluna.

The main characters in the musical will be interpreted by Stanely Joe Portelli, Marisa Galea, Mark Josef Rapa and Noel Galea. Ha participate and cast of about a hundred people. The production will be held in the hall of the Don Bosco Oratory of Gozo Saturday 9 November at 7.30pm, Saturday 16 November at 7.30pm and Sunday 17 November at 2pm. There will also be some other shows for school children.

The show on Sunday 17 November is part of the FREE TRAVEL TO GOZO Weekend organized by the Ministry for Gozo. For then, anyone can cross from Malta to Gozo as a passenger or private vehicle for free to see DUN GORĠ IL-MUSICAL

The tickets for this musical show can be obtained from the Don Bosco Oratory of Gozo daily after 5:00 pm, or by calling numbers 21,556,616 or 99,487,751. The booking can also be done via email dungorgmusical@gmail.com



The tickets for this musical show can be obtained from the Don Bosco Oratory of Gozo daily after 5:00 pm, or by calling numbers 21,556,616 or 99,487,751. The booking can also be done via email dungorgmusical@gmail.com

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