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Andre’ Curmi k/a DrE’

Andre’ Curmi born 30 January 1990. He comes from il-Marsa. He is a singer and used the stage name of DrE’.

Andre’ started his singing career in 2006 at the age of 16. He obtained Grade 3 in Voice (Trinity Pop & Rock) in 2015 & currently he is studying to obtain Grade 4 in Voice (Trinity Pop & Rock).

Andre’ Curmi k/a DrE’

He started his singing career as a soloist in 2006, tutored by Angela Spiteri. After a year he joined the group Laces (a group of friends formed of 3 girls and 2 boys). They were tutored by Isabelle Zammit. They started to take part in small festivals way back in 2007 – 2008 and won most them. In January 2008 another member joined the group and the name was changed to Laces & Josef. They took part in a festival called Fl-Għaqda il-Melodija with the song Vuċi Waħda, where they placed first in their category and won the public vote. In that same year Laces and Josef took part in Festival Indipendenza 2008 with the song Mad-Daqq tal-Vjolinċell lyric and music by Clinton Paul.

After a break of almost 4 years Andre’ decided to continue with his singing career as a soloist and changed his stage name to Dre’as a sign of a new begining. He chose one of the most talented tutors, Pamela Bezzina. In 2014 he tried his luck by auditioning for a Soloist in Voices 2014 and after 3 auditions he was chosen to sing the act Get Lucky by Duft Punk. Voices experience gave him a boost to continue his singing career and pertain his dreams.

In December 2014 he was selected to take part in the Manoel Theatre Panto Pinocchio produced by FM Theatre as a member of the Chorus. During 2015 he took part in the Malta Summer Hit Song Contest 2015 as backing vocalist of Michela Dalli with the song One of a Kind.

Currently Dre’ forms part of Vocal Troupes at Vocal Booth Studios dirtected by Pamela Bezzina & Glen Vella. Dre’s quote: Believe... Achieve.. Keep believing in your dreams, never give up and one day you can achieve your goals.