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Corinna Baldacchino

Corinna Baldacchino (born 4 September 1987) is a pop singer-songwriter and model from Malta.

She has lived in many different places around Malta. Growing up in Ħaż-Żabbar, she later moved to Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq, San Pawl, Mellieħa and now lives in l-Imsida. She graduated as a physics teacher and has been teaching since 2010.

Singing has always been a part of her life. However, when she was young, she was really shy and never had the courage to sing in front of people. At the age of 16 she started working as a singer accompanied by a pianist in various hotels.

Singing different cover versions, it was during this time that she gained more confidence. After several years playing in different hotels, Corinna wanted to try something different and so she started writing her own songs and that is how everything started.

She first contacted Dj Toby and after he heard her sing, they discussed what kind of music she got in her mind. My first song release on September 2011 was Someone New. This received many views on YouTube. It was also played in some of Paceville clubs and on various local radio stations, landing her a nomination for the Bay Music Awards.

Corrina was also nominated to take part in the Bay Music Awards 2011. This was her first time to perform in front of such a large audience.

Safe her second single is a collaboration with DJ Toby, released in January 2012. This too received considerable airplay on local radio stations, and led to several gigs in Malta and Gozo.

In August 2012 she released her third song Battle of Wills. This song received wide attention in the Maltese media as was also featured as the opening track on Toni Sant's 315th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast on Saturday 6 October 2012. This song was also nominated for the Bay Music Awards 2012.

Corinna Baldacchino

The song Battle of Wills was also chosen to take part in the Eurodanceweb competition, where it was competing against other countries. Corinna was surprised and very pleased that her song was chosen to represent Malta.

Corinna has also been involved in several modeling photo shoots for fashion magazines.

Her release for summer 2013 was Not Losing It All featuring Dj Toby and Andrew Pullicino. The song received considerable airtime as is evidenced buy the good position it achieved on the PRS Malta charts.

The message of the song is that you should never give up and run away from what you believe in, just because someone tries to put obstacles in your way. Singing is what I’ve always wanted to do. Therefore, she intend to keep releasing other songs so as to achieve her dream.



  • Someone New [2011]
  • Safe [2012]
  • Battle of Wills [2012]
  • Not Losing It All [2013]

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