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CURONIAN SPIT NATIONAL PARK Here you can learn more about the unique corner of the earth, which you will visit: ​

Kuršių nerija, the Curonian Spit, is a narrow strip of sand stretching 97 kilometres along the Baltic Sea in western Lithuania. According to the legend, the spit was formed a long time ago by Neringa, a girl giant who poured the sandy peninsula into the Baltic Sea to protect the peaceful bay from the stormy sea and create an embankment for fishermen to live. Thus, today the eastern shores of the Curonian Spit are washed by the Curonian Lagoon, while the Baltic Sea washes the western ones.

One part of the 50 kilometres long Curonian Spit belongs to the Republic of Lithuania. The other to the Russian Federation. With its still drifting sand dunes, the sea side forests cherishing the hundred-years-old pine trees, dunes covered by a mountain pines’ carpet planted by hand, white sand beaches and the old fishermen villages, the Curonian spit is truly unique! In order to preserve the valuable landscape complex, Kuršių nerija National Park was established in 1991. [1]

The Festival

In the first two editions Malta did not tool part in this festival, and made her debut in 2015 with four singers the Gozo girl Michela Pace, Elia Mangion, Danika Cutajar and Matthias Brancaleone.

Here is a full list of the editions where Malta has taken part:

No Edition Year Singers Song 1 - Song 2 Section Placing Video
01 1st Edition 2013
02 2nd Edition 2014
03 3rd Edition 2015 Michela Pace
03 3rd Edition 2015 Elia Mangion One Night Only - Respect 1st.Place (click for video)
03 3rd Edition 2015 Danika Cutajar 15 to 16 Years 2nd.Place
03 3rd Edition 2015 Matthias Brancaleone Love Runs Out 17 - 19 years 2nd.Place (click for video)
04 4th Edition 2016 Chloe Farrugia Zammit Glitter and Gold / I Am Telling You 6 to 8 years 1st.Place Diploma
04 4th Edition 2016 Amber Grace Scerri Don't Be So Hard On Yourself 12 years 4th.Place
04 4th Edition 2016 Jahel Cardona One Night Only / Forever Young 12 years 1st.Place Diploma (click for video)
04 4th Edition 2016 Rachel Lowell I Can't Let Go / I Surrender 13 to 16 years Golden Grand Prix and Overall Winner of the Contest from 103 participants from over 30 Countries (click for video)
05 5th Edition 2017 Kelsey Sant Farrugia When We Were Young / I Can't Take My Eyes Off You 11 to 12 years
05 5th Edition 2017 Lynn Gialanze Bird Set Free / Belive 11 to 12 years
05 5th Edition 2017 Shania Mallia 13 to 14 years
05 5th Edition 2017 Bradley Debono Un Amore Cosi Grande / You Raise Me Up 15 years 2nd Place
  • In 2013 and 2014 no Maltese Singers took part in this International Contest of Young Vocalist - Baltic Voice