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Adrian Irrussu Brincat (b. 27 January 1976) is a professional musician born from Ħaż-Żabbar, Malta. He is commonly known as Irrussu (the Russian).

He started studying music at the age of nine at the Maria Mater Gratiae Philharmonic. After he developed his skills and techniques under the supervision of Paul Borg. Adrian's trumpet playing gained immediate attention.

In 1993 he joined the KRAB Brass Quartet leaded by Paul Borg. At that time the band played Classic, Swing and Rags style. KRAB Brass was invited by the Malta Arts Council to perform various kinds of music from worldwide composers. Later on KRAB was transformed into the Versatile Brass Ensemble featuring twenty musicians.

Adrian Irrussu Brincat in 2013

In 1994 Adrian joined the Band of The Armed Forces of Malta and currently he is the lead trumpeter there. The Army band participates regularly on international military tattoos, more times have been in Germany, also in Belgium, Russia, Italy and Libya as well. Adrian usually plays solos in the shows and also likes jamming with other musicians abroad.

In 1999 he studied at School of Music to improve his Jazz skills and learning harmony under the supervision of Mro.Paul Abela. One year later Adrian joined the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra as a part time musician for five years.From time to time Irrussu participated in concerts held by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra including the National Orchestra Goes Pop, the Movie Spectacular, Pop Fever and Rockestra.

In the meantime Adrian continued to improve his jazz techniques on trumpet and early he became a self-taught artist.His impeccable performances started to attract the attention to many local and foreign music experts and he constantly received excellent reviews, in particular due to his participation in festivals organised by the Malta Tourism Authority including the Valletta Festival, the Mdina Festival, the Fireworks Festival, the Mediterranean Food Festival and the Malta Historic Cities Festival. Including other national festivals like for example Festival of History and Heritage, Pageantry Music and Dance, International Summer Festivals or Malta Arts Festivals.

Adrian is also a popular face on television as he is a resident musician in number of TV programmes. He has also taken part in various musicals under the direction of local and foreign directors including Les Miserables, Sister Act, Fiddler on the Roof, Moulin Rouge, the Seussical Musical,West Side Story, Legally Blonde and yearly Pantomines (Christmas shows) for more than 10 years.

Adrian Irrussu Brincat in 2013

His great improvisations on the trumpet reached their best in the Malta Jazz Festival. First played in 2000 and also in 2004 with Mro.Paul Abela Johann Strauss Big Band.

In 2010 he obtained - with a very high result 95% - a Diploma in Jazz from the reputable London College of Music. The examiners concluded that “Adrian is an outstanding performer for whom beckons a promising future.”

2011 Adrian joined The Argotti Jazz Ensemble leaded by Mro. Dominic Galea and played next time again on the Malta Jazz Festival.

In February 2011 he organisedhis first own Jazz concert in Casino Maltese called Jazzin' It Up! Followed another full house one in 2012 called Caught Up in Jazz!, where over more than 300 jazz enthusiast listened to a vast repertoire of various styles, such as Swing, BeBop, Latin, Funk and Cool Jazz.

He is currently working as a full-time musician within the Band of the Armed Forces of Malta. Also a resident musician with the Rifffs since 2008, member of Tribali, and also forms part of Ira Losco's support band.

Irrussu has regular Jazz Evenings with different setups in Malta, playing in popular pubs and well-known restaurants.

He participates in recording of several albums of recognised singers and musicians from Jazz to Pop and the bands he is resident with.

In 2013 Adrian joined the world class hand-crafted instrument company Eclipse Trumpets, where he is one of the artists who represent the Eclipse brand on worldwide music exhibitions.

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