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A.I aka. Genghis Acid produceselectronic music, he is mainly influenced by the early rave culture wich left an impact on his soul for the rest of his life. His dj sets varies from oldskool Techno , Acidhouse , Rave ,Hip-Hop and Dubstep. His music production varies from Acid techno, Ambient and Electronica. He is also one half of The Acidmoths alongside with Acidulant.

He is The owner of Local Net Label Complex Sound Sagacity and event promoter .

His First Actual Release was on ep called Shuffle e.p on a uk based Net Label under Genghis Acid www.Acidhardwave.com delivering an ep , consisting of 4 tracks that can fall under the genre of Electro-Acid, definetly Acid! This Ep is free To download from www.acidhardwave.com.

A short Review of this ep: Dreamy pads and bubbly backgrounds open this ep. As we go further in, electro beats and squelching melodies tease your ears, to finally end with The Acid Mansion bringing a smile to your face:)

He Has an other 2 Tracks on the debut compilation ( [CSS001] THE SAGA BEGINS) of his own Netlabel. One Track in Collaboration with another maltese Artist Mutex Called Children Of The Bubble.

Dj Sets

Media:http://www.soundsagacity.com/downloads/A.i. @ Pudina Tal - Milied 26-12-09.mp3

Media:http://www.soundsagacity.com/downloads/A.i dj set @ Rdr Underwhat.mp3

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