Ġanni Spiteri l-Pisklu

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Ġanni Spiteri l-Pisklu

Ġanni Spiteri l-Pisklu

is an improvised verse folk singer. He was born in 1946 and hails from Xewkija, Gozo.

Other than being a keen folk enthusiast who attends many folk music events on the main island, Spiteri also plays the folk guitar and has accompanied Kevin Spagnol tal-Kelba and Fredu Grech l-Irixx to the verses of ballad singer Żeppi Spagnol il-Kelba.

He is usually in the company of Gozitan folk music promoter Frans Pisani ta' Platti.

Ġanni Spiteri l-Pisklu on the guitar during a folk ballad sung by Żeppi Spagnol, 2 December 2011 in Żejtun.


He has folk sung in St. Francis Square, Rabat Gozo on 17 August 2013, together with Frans Cassar Il-Bloqq, James Pawney Jimmy Il-Bormliż and Ġużi Bajada r-Regett.

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Folk event in St. Francis Square, Rabat Gozo, August 2013.