Żeppi Spagnol il-Kelba

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Żeppi Spagnol il-Kelba

Żeppi Spagnol Il-Kelba, at the Żejtun Parish Hall, December 2011.

is currently the leading ballad folksinger in Malta. Born in Żejtun in 1950, he is also a prim kitarrist, and has played guitar for renowned folksingers, including Żaru Mifsud Il-Għaxqi, Leli Sultana l-Moni, Żaren Mifsud ta' Vestru and Żeppi Meli ta' Sika.

A regular performer at all main għana events, including Buskett Gardens and Għanafest, his recent ballads include the Żejtun August 2009 car crash tragedy, that claimed the lives of three people. In 2012 he presented the ballad Anġla Iċ-Ċalija, in homage of the only female folk singer awarded an honour by the Republic of Malta.

His son Kevin Spagnol tal-Kelba and daughter Janice Spagnol tal-Kelba are also għana guitarists.

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Żeppi Spagnol il-Kelba (extreme right), performing during Żejt iż-Żejtun, September 2012


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