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[[File:theincorvajatwins.jpg|200px|thumb|right|The Incorvaja Twins]]
[[File:theincorvajatwins.jpg|300px|thumb|right|The Incorvaja Twins]]
'''The Incorvaja Twins''' May and Josephine Incorvaja was born on 1 May, 1960 at [[St Luke’s Hospital]] and grew up at [[Sliema]] with their family. Now they are married and lived at [[Mellieħa]] with their own family.
'''The Incorvaja Twins''' May and Josephine Incorvaja was born on 1 May, 1960 at [[St Luke’s Hospital]] and grew up at [[Sliema]] with their family. Now they are married and lived at [[Mellieħa]] with their own family.

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The Incorvaja Twins

The Incorvaja Twins May and Josephine Incorvaja was born on 1 May, 1960 at St Luke’s Hospital and grew up at Sliema with their family. Now they are married and lived at Mellieħa with their own family.

They was educated at Sliema Girls Primary School, Sliema St Louis Girls Grammar School, and Ta’ Giorni MCAST Polytechnic.

They started singing at the tender age of 4 years in Sliema local Parish hall with dramatic campanies. Infact they even acted during the drama time. They took part an a lot of Festivals where they were among the first three winners most of the time.

For about five years May and Josephine study the violin and after they switched over to the guitar, May like readind and sports especially Netball where for some years she was the player / Coach of the Mellieħa Netball team, while Josephine like knitting and crochet, reading, cooking, playing tennis and hear music. Their favorite singers are Shirley Bassey, The Carpentens, Tom Jones, Barry Manilow. They prefer easy listening music to Rock and any modern stuff.

Festivals with mentioning were the Golden Cross Song Festival, where they placed first and were asked to rapresent Malta in a Song Festival in Sicily this was when they got the age of 9 years old. The Malta Song Festival (last Edition) where they placed second place. At that point the Incorvaja Twins were the youngest singers to ever took part in the Festival, which took place in April, 1974.

There were obviously many more festivals and honours but it would be too to list more!. But one could name Malta Song for Europe, Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, Konkors Kanzunetta San Pawl and L-Għanja tal-Poplu.

They also had various TV appearances and done they first Cabaret Show at the age of 10 years. They been working full time in night-clubs since the age of 13 years and have beem worked at the top hotels in Malta, were one could named Grand Hotel Verdala, Corinthia Palace, Malta Hilton, Dragonara Hotel and Casino, Mellieħa Bay Hotel, etc.

At the age of 14 they were invited to went to sing in Canada and USA where apart from singing for the Maltese emigrants they took part in a Multi national audition and were selected.

The sang at the King Edward Hotel and The Cheetah’s in Toronto, Canada, An experience they never forget was their first appearance in Canada.where by the end of their first song everybody was standing up clapping and cheering. On that day May and Josephine were so emotional that both burst into tears and it took them a couple of minutes to pull themselves together and carry on.

In 1980 they went back again in Canada and USA, but this time taken with them their younger sister Connie who was 10 years old singing with them. Again it was a great tour ans success one. During both visits to Canada and USA they made various TV appearance. Since their sister Connie started joining them in their acts.

On of their success in their career was the tour they made to Australia in September – November 1983 where they give love performances in Sydney, Melbourne, and MacKay North of Queensland. They beging the first show at Sydney Hilton and they where the first Maltese to sing at that hotel. They also perform during The Quest Of Nations for 400 people from 14 different countries. Also in Mackay they were the first Maltese artists to go and perform there. Evey show in Australia were all great success with the audience attendance is a good indication, where they started with 400 people and they got 7,000 people in the sixth last show.

It was a nice challenge from them to carry on with their carreer, during the whole year sing in local nightclubs, hotels and restaurants in the evenings, work as secretaries during the day in their office and try to lit they hobbies in between! May and Josephine mention the thanks to their parents John ans Mary nee’ Camilleri for without whose constant loving help and support, their carreer would have never been flowished.