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Romina Mamo

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Romina Mamo was born on the 17th July 1983, on the island of Malta and she lives in Birkirkara. She is a singer, Actress and Radio and Tv presenter.

In November 2005 she obtained her academic degree in the Bachelors of Education (Hons) from The University of Malta after having finished her studies. Currently she is teaching Mathematics, ICT and Computing.

Twelve years ago she started her singing career by attending classes in voice technique with qualified tutor Mro Brian Cefai. In July/August 2000 Romina was selected to attend a two-week music conference at the International House Sonnenberg in Germany, where she took part in workshops and concerts as a solo singer and as part of an international choir. Following that she took part in different concerts as a solo singer locally and abroad.

She used to play the guitar and for two years she was the main vocalist of the rock band Beate Route. She was also one of the singers in the project Taking Gender Equality to Local Communities organized by the NCPE and co-financed by the community framework strategy on gender equality (2001-2005).

In the year 2003 Romina appeared for the first time in the finals of the Malta Song For Europe and in the year 2005 she made it to the finals once again. Romina participated and was finalist several times in well known local festivals namely L-Għanja tal-Poplu, The International TV Song Festival, Konkors Kanżunetta Indipendenża and The Malta International Hit Song contest.

Between January and July 2008 Romina had the opportunity to work on a new look and style during The Malta Hit Song Contest on One TV. Romina's new look was greatly welcomed. Since then she always looked forward and worked with well known choreographer Jes Sciberras having great results starting with the song Medusa in Konkors Kanżunetta Indipenża in the year 2008. Romina placed twice 3rd in Konkors Kanżunetta Indipendenża with the songs Saħħartni and Eroj.

In the year 2009 Romina placed 2nd with the juries' voting and won the Public Voting Award, in The Malta Hit Song Contest with the song Primitive. Following the result in this festival, the organizers thanks to W.A.F.A. gave Romina the opportunity to represent Malta in the 6th Altin Nar (6th Golden Pomegrenade) International Festival held in Kemer-Antalya, Turkey where she sang Here I Am by Sertab and the Turkish song Mahmure together with a live orchestra.

In the year 2010 Romina won The Malta International Hit Song Contest with the song Poison Ivy written by Clinton Paul and following this great achievement Romina was given once again the opportunity to represent Malta in the Universong Festival in Canary Islands. This opportunity gave Romina great satisfaction abroad where she placed 2nd with the song The Final Kiss written by Clinton Paul and Deo Grech.

This was not Romina's first success abroad because after establishing herself in Malta, participation in festivals abroad, was always Romina's top priority and this gave her great satisfaction in July 2003 when she placed third in the festival L'Anziano nella societa` with the song Dentro gli occhi degl'anziani written by Mro Franco Matricano and Mro Francesco Bonagura. Following that in August 2003 Romina obtained first and best interpretation in the festival La vela d'Oro with the song Senza Finzioni written by Mro Paul Abela and Mro Francesco Bonagura. In the same year she also obtained first place in the Premio Nazionale Artemare 2003 with the song E`Sapro written by Italian composers Mro Franco Matricano and Frabon.

After these great experiences Romina was asked to go back to Italy and was offered the opportunity to work with a music house in Milan, something that Romina regretfully had to ignore as she was half way with her studies for the degree in the Bachelor of Education (Hons) at the University of Malta.

In August 2008 Romina was invited again to represent Malta in the Premio Nazionale Artemare where she obtained the second place with the song Il gioco delle onde written by Mro Paul Abela, Massimo Roversi and Frabon.

Apart from singing, Romina appeared as a presenter in several events around Malta and she was assistant presenter in the weekly quiz Esperti aired on One TV for three years. She also appeared on TV as an actress and she was also the Hospitality Officer in the annual marathon organised by Kerygma Movement for four consecutive years.

On 7 th February 2014 Romina Mamo particepated in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with the song Addictive, but she did'nt made it to the Final on the 8 th February, 2014

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