Nadine Bartolo

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Nadine Bartolo

Nadine Bartolo was born on 30 May, 1981. At Mellieha. She is a Singer.

Nadine is the daughter of the late Sammy Bartolo, lead singer of the band New Cuorey and mostly noted for his popular song Il-Bajja Tal-Mellieħa. At a very early age, Nadine took after her father’s steps and joined her home town band club La Vittoria where she studied music and played the clarinet.

When she turned fifteen, she joined a mainstream academy to take up dance lesson. This led her to take part in several school talent shows and musicals as well as at local events. Two years later she joined a popular animation team that performed in one of the top holiday resorts in Malta.

Nadine Bartolo

Nadine and her sisters Luisana Bartolo and Charlotte Bartolo started gaining popularity in 2004 when they put together some of their father’s most popular tracks. They performed at several events and concerts around Malta and Gozo. In her music career, she has performed with several bands; these include the Joe Brown Band, Spiteri Lucas Band, Paul Abela, Philip Vella’s Band, Jamm Band and New Cuorey amongst others.

She continued to perform in the Maltese music scene several tributes to her late father, the singer Sammy Bartolo including one with her sisters Luisana and Charlotte at L-Għanja tal-Poplu 2009.

She had also an international experiance and exposure includes a performance in Germany in summer 2010.

L’Imħabba fuq il-Għolja, is a musical which was held in 2010 as a tribute to Sammy Bartolo’s music. Nadine was one of the main casts.

In 2011, Nadine together with her sisters Luisana & Charlotte competed in Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2011 with the song Liberi written and composed by Philip Vella.

She reach the semi-finali of the Malta Eurovision 2012 with the song Can’t Get Away written and composed by Philip Vella.

In May 2012 she, together with her sisters Luisana and Charlotte went to perform in tribute concerts in Australia.

And in December 2013 with her sisters agian, was involved in the Cd compilation Project Ħelu Bambin with the Chirstmas Carol O Siġra tal-Milied by Fr.George Ocar Buttigieg and in the launching concert too at the Catholic Insitute at Floriana in the aid of Id-Dar Tal-Providenża.

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