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Matthew Attard ‘Il-Kalakku’

Matthew Attard or better known as Il-Kalakku was born on October 21, 1997 in Malta, raised in the small village of Ħal-Luqa.

Matthew’s musical career started back in 2013, at 16 years of age. Il-Kalakku always wrote and still writes the lyrics himself.

Matthew Attard ‘Il-Kalakku’

His career started of with a good start being under the wing of another local pioneer, Joe Digby. Throughout the years the same Joe Digby used to produce him the music. Il-Kalakku got used to the system in very short time being that he was participating in a lot of Open Mic events, Rap-Battles and literally freestyling him to chase his musical dreams!

His first professional debut was in 2017 with the song called Bis-Saħħa, his debut and his word that he is going to give us his all. After that there during 2019 give us Ta’ Malajr, Briju U Tgawdija both produced by Digby and recorded by an international record label, Gilkicker Studios.

Following came Spissjati ft. Kapitlu Tlettax recorded at Tune D Studios, Briju U Tgawdija l-aħħar party ft. Kapitlu Tlettax, F'dan il-lejl ft. Kapitlu Tlettax.

During 2020 he producer and give us three others great songs Tradizzjoni ft. Audrienne, Ibni and September Komplu Kantaw Magħna ft. Kelsey Bellante all produced and recorded by Gilkicker Studios and all of the videography by Marlon Polidano.



Year Songs Lyrics Composer Video
.2017 Bis-Saħħa Matthew Attard 'Il-Kalakku' Matthew Attard 'Il-Kalakku' (Click for Video)
22.06.2019 Ta’ Malajr Matthew Attard 'Il-Kalakku' Matthew Attard 'Il-Kalakku' (Click for Video)
17.08.2019 Briju U Tgawdija Matthew Attard 'Il-Kalakku' Matthew Attard 'Il-Kalakku' (Click for Video)
30.08.2019 Spissjati** Matthew Attard 'Il-Kalakku' Matthew Attard 'Il-Kalakku' (Click for Video)
13.10.2019 Briju U Tgawdija l-aħħar party Matthew Attard 'Il-Kalakku' Matthew Attard 'Il-Kalakku' (Click for video)
01.11.2019 F'dan il-lejl ft.Kapitlu Tlettax** Matthew Attard 'Il-Kalakku' Matthew Attard 'Il-Kalakku' (Click for video)
08.02.2020 Tradizzjoni* Matthew Attard 'Il-Kalakku' Matthew Attard 'Il-Kalakku' (Click for video)
13.10.2019 Ibni Matthew Attard 'Il-Kalakku' Matthew Attard 'Il-Kalakku' (Click for video)
19.09.2020 Komplu Kantaw Magħna*** Matthew Attard 'Il-Kalakku' Matthew Attard 'Il-Kalakku' (Click for video)