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Jasmine Abela

Jasmine Abela was born on 22 January, 1999.She is a singer.

Jasmine have been professionally singing/performing form 2012. She participated in various festivals here in Malta and also participated in one international festival were she won the Grand Prix.

She placed in 3rd. places in the First Edition of San Remo Malta Junior 2012. When Gaia Cauchi winn the festival.

Jasmine has been part of many other events such as: Djamanti Muzikali (Gozo), Djamanti Muzikali (Malta), Ġensna (Gozo – forming part of the choir), Ġensna (Malta), 50 Years of Maltese Music where she had the opportunity to perform alongside The Three Tenors and established artists including Ira Losco, Christabelle Borg, Olivia Lewis and Ġeorgina Abela.

She was also one of the main Singers during the CHOGM 2015 were she got to perform in front of the queen alongside the very talented Amber Bondin, Matt from Red Electric and Errol Sammut from Airport Impressions.

Jasmine Abela

In 2016, at the age of 16, Jasmine was one of the finalists for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with her original song Alive were she placed 6th. That same year, in September she also performed during Rockestra 2016. In 2018 Jasmine once again was one of the finalists for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with a different song Supernovas.

Every year she go to London for a course titled “Ultimate Artists” were Jasmine attend Master classes based on Performing, Vocal Technique, Vocal Health, Song Writing, Musical Theatre and so on.

Her tutors during Ultimate Artists are world renowned, such as Joshua Alamu, Michael Jackson’s director, Fleur East’s and Little Mix’s Vocal coach (Which is also her vocal coach), West-End Vocal Coaches and so on. She consider herself to be absorbing and she always happy and inspired to see potential in singers and performers.

Jasmine also taken part as an actress in the drama seriel 'Ħbieb u Għedewwa' and 'Ċirkostanzi'.


Collaborations Songs

Year Festivals Songs Performers Lyrics Music Placed Videos
2013 Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza - Talent Żgħażugħ 2013 Demgħa Jasime Abela, Christian Aquilina Stephen Baldacchino Dominic Cini 'Minik' 2nd Place (Check for Video)


Year Festivals Songs Lyrics Music Placed Videos
2016 Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Alive Michael James Down Filip Lindfors,Shanta Liora 6th Place (Check for Video)
2018 Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Supernovas