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Federica Falzon

Federica Falzon was born on the 17 February 2003. She come from a small village of Ħal-Safi. At a very young age she showed interest in music especially singing.

Her First Steps

Her grandpa used to take her to karaoke clubs where most of the people who heard her singing, encouraged her to take singing seriously as she had a unique voice.

At the age of nine she was noticed at school by her music teacher, who heard her singing in the school yard. Maestro Zammit was impressed with her voice and encouraged her to start taking vocal coaching.

The Begining

Federica took vocal lessons very seriously which led her to sing in front of an audience in Festa Hiliet 2011, a yearly event organized by St. Benedict College where she interpreted the country song Rose Garden and a solo part from the song Sailing by Rod Stewart, accompanied by the college orchestra under the direction of Maestro John David. Zammit. Maestro Zammit encouraged her to take singing as a future career.

She participated for the first time at a local festival in May 2012 with the country song Coalminer’s Daughter, where she placed in the 2nd position. On 3rd July 2012 she started to attend at La Voix Academy Choir directed by Ms. Gillian Attard. Ms Attard urged her to opt for classical music as she noticed that her talent and ability was leading her to a promising Soprano.


She started competing in local festivals with songs such as La Voix, Phantom of the Opera, Nella Fantasia, Nessun Dorma , Canto della Terra, Spente le Stelle and many more where she always managed to place in the first places. After winning seven Overall Cups, in December 2012 she also made it to The Grand Prix Winner of the Year title in a Festival organized by Erseb Productions.

In February 2013 she was chosen to participate at the festival Sanremo D.O.C. where she competed with Maltese and Italian singers of different ages. Federica placed first in this prestigious festival with the song La Voix making good name for Malta, for herself and for the Academy.

With the backup of her loving parents and so called her guardian angel grandpa, she never looked back. Again she was invited by Maestro Zammit to honour the Luqa Union Band Club and perform during the Good Friday Procession accompanied by the local brass band. She sang live the Stava Maria Dolente , La Croce and Pie Jesu. Then again, the crowd was amazed by her voice, many commented about her unique mature voice at such a young age.

In July 2013 Federica, was once again invited by the same Union Band Club to sing on the occasion of St. Andrew’s Feast in Ħal-Luqa main square. She performed the song Tragedy by Malena Ernmann, musical arrangement for the occasion by Mro John David Zammit. This performance amazed all those present in Luqa Square and was given a well deserved standing ovation. To reciprocate, Maestro Zammit invited Federica on stage again to do the same performance all over again. For the second time, the crowd could not stop applauding in return for her impeccable performance.

Along the Summer of 2013 she participated in a local TV programme Sajf ma' Gaffiero, where she was declared the Overall Winner of the programme with her cover version of the song "It's my Life" originally sung by Cezar of Romania.

On 2 November, 2013 Federica placed First with the song Ilwien il-Ħolqien in Festival Għanja Ġmiel is-Seba Noti, a very well organized festival by Erseb Productions. An original Maltese song written by Stephen Baldacchino and composed by Dominic Cini ‘Minik’ and Gillian Attard the excellent vocal coach.

On the 14 December, Federica performed two songs live with the orchestra at Kunċert Jum il-Kalkara. She once again gave a splendid interpretation to both songs and was well applauded by the public who present in the hall.

International Experance

Durning 2014 Federica with her singing partner Vincenzo Carni taken part in famous Rai TV Show Ti Lascio Una Canzone, During the Saturday night programme, Federica and Vincenzo won five of eight shows and placed second in the other three.

On Saturday 19 April, 2014 Federica and Vincenzo Carni win the Final Ti Lascio Una Canzone by the song Un Amore Cosi Grande with Maurizio Lupoli with A Te placed second and the twins in thrid placed with Persieri e Parole.

On the way back to Malta she got a warm well come and meet with the Culture Minister Owen Bonnici and his Opposition counterpart and MEP candidate Francis Zammit Dimech and also the Prime Minister Dr. Joseph Muscat

On 20 April, 2014 was announced that the Maltese representative in the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place in Malta itself in November. will be Federica Falzon the winner of Ti Lascio Una Canzone.

Federica Falzon

During summer 2014 she was very engaged in the festive season because Federica sang live with more than 12 bands in the their locality.

On 1 June she and Vincenzo gave their first concert in Capo Rizzuto Calabria, attended by thousands of people. In July also with Vincenzo sing in a programm Napoli Prima e Dopo showed on Rai.

On 7 August was planning to Malta where its concert succeeded accompanied by Vincenzo Carni and on 20 August gave again a concert in Calabria this time in two main hotels

With Joseph Calleja sang on 18 July 2014 Concert, Gianni Morandi and Barbara Cola song In Amore. The song Ilwien il-Ħolqien was her first orginal Maltese song, and the second one was Diamonds.

She perpared well with her vocal coach Gillian Attard and writer of the song Diamonds Muxu Matt Mercieca and composer Elton Zarb for the Junior Eurovision 2014 held in the ex-Malta Shipbuilding at il-Marsa on 15 November, 2014.

Federica Falzon with the Award Premio Mediterraneo Internazionale - virtuosissimo 2015

The largest crowd that was present before it is in Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 , where was around 5,000 but the biggest one, was at Joseph Calleja concert, and was estimated to 25,000 on the Floriana Granaries say by Euronews.

Federica Falzon on 19 December, 2014 was invited an a programm presented by Bruno Vespa and Antonella Clerici Porta A Porta with other singers, she and Vincenzo sing Il Mare Calmo Della Sera while Andre Bocelli was on the scream hear them sing with satisfaction, their interpration.

On the 14 of March, 2015 Federica was conferred the 2015 International Mediterranean Award as Virtuosissimo Soprano during a gala event organised in Rome, Italy, by the International Organization for Diplomatic Relations (IODR), also known as Correspondants Diplomatiques.

During the event she had the opportunity to sing Brindisi which is a part of the opera La Traviata together with Tenor Fabio Armiliato. She also sang the Junior Eurovision 2014 entry Diamonds.

Past leading figures who received this award include former President of Malta Professor Guido De Marco, Andrea Bocelli, Diego Armando Maradona and Astronaut Umberto Guidoni. Federica is the first child ever to receive this award.

The conferral of the International Mediterranean Award took place at a Gala Event held at the Salone Grande dell Feste del Relais Le Jardin di Villa Miani in Rome.



  • Ilwien il-Ħolqien (02.11.2013)
  • Diamonds (17.10.2014)

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