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Carlo Gerada

Carlo Gerada has been producing music since the age of 16 and has since come a long way, including winning best song at the Bay Music Awards 2012 with his song 'My World' ft. Jan Cortez. This proved to be a big push in his music career and quickly released more dance floor hits like Kristina Casolani 'Never Let Go' & 'Beautiful Mistake' together with Frank. Six years into his music career and Carlo does not seem to be slowing down, opening new opportunities as a dance music producer and also as a DJ.

Carlo saw his DJ career in Malta take a big push forward again in late 2012 when he formed part of an event organiser called ‘The Rockstars’. Rockstars found itself in one of Paceville’s newest club ‘So City’ and went on for three years in a row. Boasting an amazing vibe on a Sunday evening!

In his latest venture to continue giving the best dance floor experience, Carlo Gerada makes part of yet again another event organiser with the name ‘Residency’. Residency holds Sunday afternoon clubbing events at Truth, also in Paceville. ‘Truth Sundays’ simply put saw its debut last year (2016) and quite simply blew up instantly making Truth the place to be on a Sunday in winter.

While the year 2016 was a quiet one in terms of releases, Carlo Gerada focused on growing fame where the dance floor is. This is all about to change again as he releases his latest single called ‘Just Need You’ featuring the vocals of Yazmin Helledie. This isn’t the first time Carlo has worked with singer/songwriter Yazmin. Their first release was ‘Supernova’. We see a change in genre this year hitting local radios with a summery house track. The music video for Just Need You was also launched on the 31st of August 2017, being the first ever in Carlo’s career.