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Billy J.McBee

Born on 22 Febuary 1985, lives in the Capital City of Malta, Valletta. He is a Author and Composer.

His full name is Billy.J McBee, but he uses Billy.J as his stage name. He has been a song writer in the music scene since 1997 covering hundreds of lyrics in his personal repertoire, in a variety of styles which include Pop, Opera, R’n’B, Reggae, Classic, New Age, Rock, Gospel, Dance, Gothic, Jazz, ballads, dance hall, Controversial, House, World, Oriental, Ethnic, Latin, Contemporary and so on.

Billy.J was exposed to music from a very young age. The radio was always on in his home and his family would regularly watch television shows.

During his years as a songwriter, he have worked both on local Maltese as well as on foreign collaborations. Recently, I took part in some local festivals, such as the Malta Summer Hit Song, Malta Song for Europe, Indifest plus some online song competitions.

My extreme pleasure, and very likely my comfort zone, is surely and without any doubt when I get to work on single radio releases or albums as they offer me more possibilities to explore my imagination. These opportunities also give me the chance to create something new without having to be restricted to a three minute limit.

My music mainly covers these genres, Pop, RnB, Rock, Commercial, as well as Jazz, Country, Goth, Folk and Experimental. Some lyrics also vary in languages too; starting from Maltese, English, French, Italian and Spanish – sometimes even amalgamating two languages in one track.

I am currently working with a local production team, known as Island Dreams. I also work with an Australian-Maltese composer; Vincent Pace who has won many awards for composing and song writing.

Billy first started as a back-up singer, I then became a singer working solo while writing his own material in small production studios and getting involved in low budget musicals, as well as in other events.

He have had the occasion to sell my original demo tracks and after some years of this, he finally decided to fully commit myself to song writing. he actually felt a greater sense of achievement when other singers sang my songs. This brought me to a different perspective and I find myself to be more comfortable like this.

On the local scene, Malcolm Pisani is very much at the top of the list with more than five songs which have been penned by me. Then there are also Kimberly Grech , Ali & Lis, Priscilla Psaila, Rebecca Paris, Christine Buttigieg, Floren Sultana, Aldo Busuttil, Thea Saliba, OffSet, Audrey Bartolo, Marie Claire Attard Bason, Janice Mangion and the list, I am pleased to say, goes on and on.

As for the foreign list, he have collaborated with an American singer known as Tony L and Sara Agnes, as well as various bands. Some are works in progress and are just waiting to take shape.

Billy do prefer to distant himself from using the typical clichés. For him, music is truly and sincerely a global language, filled with a variety of emotions which anyone can understand and relate to. You may not fully comprehend the verbal language, but the emotions are there, the body language, the tonality, the expression… the message.

Well, he have to admit that he do have another ambition on the side, which is purchasing technology. Once he spent over 900 Euro on a device with a whole array of its accessories.