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Adie is a pop singer and songwriter from Malta. Adrienne Mifsud was born on 23 March 1982 and is the youngest out of three children born to Margaret and Paul. Adie has lived most of her life in Valletta, the capital city of Malta.

The Early Years

She studied ballet, modern dance and tapping at Alison White’s Dance Studios between the age of 3 and a half and 11, and took part in various pantomimes at the Manoel Theatre and other venues. Throughout the years she studies dance, she also modeled for a very popular retail brand {which? - to confirm} to display kidswear on local magazines and newspapers..

At 10 years, Adie won a talent show in Malta {which? - to confirm}. It was at this time that she also attempted to write her first lyrics and composing her own songs.

In 1993 she won the finals of Malta’s main Karaoke show broadcast on TVM, held in Senglea.

Adie started professional voice training at the age of 12, and participated in various competitions and festivals in Malta, gained considerable exposure on local media. She was noticed by several of Malta's leading pop songwriters and composers who asked to collaborate with her.

In her teenage years, Adie was involved in musicals as well as other shows and operettas organised locally. She was also one of the leaders of Tensing YMCA – a group who sang in the narrow streets of Valletta in aid of the homeless.

From 1998 until 2001 Adie spent about two and a half years as a resident singer on the popular TVM programme Xarabank. This regular national exposure brought her invitations for several live shows in a number of Malta's leading hotels, entertaining their international guests.

Personal Life

In 2001 she enrolled as a full-time student in the Faculty of Education at University the University of Malta, graduation with a Bachelor in Primary Education degree in 2004. This lead to a day job as a primary school teacher.

Activities outside Malta

Under the name Adrienne, she appeared as a performer in Sicily, supporting Italian artists like Scialpi, Riccardo Fogli and Luca Barbarossa in 1996, and debuted with her first song ever "Have Fun in This World", which she when she only 14 years old.

In 1999, Adie (as a leader of the YMCA Tensing group) together with the Maltese Group of Tensing (Teenagers Singing) went to Prague in the Czech Republic. There they performed different popular cover versions in front of 2000 European students from all over Europe (who at that time, had Tensing groups in their country too) as well as in the prominent streets of Prague.

In 2003, Adie’s song "Dawn of a New Day’ was one of the chosen ten finalist songs to be included in a CD album for peace produced by Euromed Café.

Her ultimate objective is to move overseas with her music and establish herself internationally with the intent of joining a major record label.

2005 -

Since 2005 Adie has been taking part in live concerts organised by established entertainment companies in Malta, at venues such as The Old Opera House in Valletta, the Catholic Institute in Floriana, and other venues around the Maltese islands.

In September of 2006, Adie started presenting a radio programme twice a week on a {which?} radio station. At this time two years, Adie also worked as a DJ at various entertainment establishments in Malta.

Adrienne shortened her name to Adie in 2009 and released her first CD album, Minn Qalbi...With Love! The CD was launched on 28 March 2009, with support from the Valletta Local Council. It contains 5 songs in Maltese and another 5 in English. She wrote the music and lyrics for some of the songs on this album.

On 25 July 2009, Adie was a guest singer at the Coca-Cola Malta Music Festival. That summer she was also one of the resident singers on Pjazza, a local summer entertainment programme broadcast on TVM.

In 2010 she released two songs. The first appeared in April, entitled "If I Were You" A song called “Tug of War” featuring Maltese rapper Hooligan was officially released on Facebook on 12 September 2010 and simultaneously on YouTube.

She is managed by Jean-Paul Mifsud.

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