Marisa Attard

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Marisa Attard

Marisa Attard is an artist and illustrator who lives on the island of Malta. Her work often reflects the bright light and colours that are part of the Mediterranean climate. Her sense of humour comes through in her paintings of people who inhabit the world she keenly observes. The subjects of her paintings range from the humorous and quirky to the dark and serious. Her preferred medium is made up of layers of acrylic paint on a textured gesso base coupled with a collage of various papers, materials and found objects that add a certain tactile quality and depth to her paintings.

The other side of Marisa’s art is her illustrations that have twice brought her awards for the Best Illustrator of Children’s Books at the Maltese National Book Awards. Her illustrations can be found on numerous children’s books, workbooks and magazines. Her illustrative style is both spontaneous and fun with a sense of humour that appeals to children and hopefully adds to their love of reading. For her illustrations Marisa uses mostly pen, ink and watercolour. Although she enjoys this more traditional medium, she has recently been experimenting with digital illustrations.[1]

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