Vince Cumbo tal-Iżgej

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Vince Cumbo tal-Iżgej

Vince Cumbo tal-Iżgej

is a folk music promoter. He was born on the 7th of November 1977 and hails from Żejtun.

He is the son of Mikiel Cumbo l-Iżgej and is the only one of three to be active in the għana scene. He also partakes in what is termed as għana tad-dilettanti, lit. enthusiasts folk singing, which usually occurs spontaneously soon after a folk event is over.

He is a fan of improvised verse and has an effection to Karmnu Fenech Il-Ħandrolla. Not particularly keen on folk ballads, he also listens to the high-pitched model, and reveres Grezzju Ellul ta' Ċanċa from yester years.

Vince Cumbo tal-Iżgej and Frans Azzopardi ż-Żott.


Cumbo has organized several successful folk events in the last years, including those held in Marsaxlokk and Żejtun.