Vanessa Sultana

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Vanessa Sultana

Vanessa Sultana was born on 10 April 1990 and comes from Ħamrun, She is a singer.

Music has always been her life and although she never took any lessons she discovered singing as her passion since the age of 10.

Her very first appearance in front of an audience was when the local council of Hamrun organized a night of fashion, arts and music, and Vanessa performed her very first performance in Gaetano’s collection in July 2018.

She also performed in The Chocolate Festival which was also organized by the local council of Ħamrun. After that she applied for X Factor Malta in Summer of 2018 in which she made it through to the Judges Houses despite the fact that she was new and never learned singing in her life.

Vanessa also performed at the MFCC Ta’ Qali during the 6 chair challenge in front of 1,500 people which was her very first appearance in front of a big audience.

From the X Factor she started taking vocal lessons from her vocal coach Claudia Magrin at The Voice Lab in which she is also part of the same school choir. Her ambitions in life is to continue to grow in music as it's her dream and was always what she aimed for.