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Hi Maddee, welcome to the M3P! Thank you very much for your contributions to the database. I hope you keep this up. While everything is relevant for inclusion in the M3P, we need to make sure that things go to the appropriate page or place. I've adjusted some of your first contributions. The following notes will (hopefully) help you get a sense of what we're on about:

1. M3P Community Portal: The information you entered is not about your contributions to the M3P community. I've therefore move your text to your personal user page. The section you originally placed that text on relates to whatever people are contributing directly to the M3P. If you re-read that section you'll see what I mean. The info you entered is about you and therefore belongs on your personal page, at least initially.

2. Current Events: The Malta To Midem CD 2011 information you entered deserves its own page. I've moved the information you entered to a new page, which you can view here. I should probably also point out that the M3P is meant mainly as an archive rather than a place to announce upcoming events. There's absolutely nothing wrong with adding info about upcoming events, but it's essential that we all see that this is a memory project more than anything else. Please feel free to add more details to the Malta To Midem CD 2011 page rather than refer to a link for the event website. I'm particularly keen to see a full page about Aiming 4 Fame, which you can create simply by clicking on this link and typing away.

Let me know if I can help you out in any way. Keep it coming! --Toni Sant (talk) 12:39, 9 January 2011 (UTC)