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One of the things I'm interested in involves understanding how Wikipedia (the most popular site in the world built on the MediaWiki software package) operates, particularly in comparison to M3P and our plans for it.

Addressing the overlap

Something that will need to be addressed in various ways is the direct overlap between Wikipedia and the M3P. This project will always have more information and materials about Maltese music and associated art that Wikipedia simply by virtue of the fact that we have different filtering systems and policies for what to accept, keep, or even encourage in terms of contributions.

A quick look at the Music of Malta page on Wikipedia illustrates the situation straight away.

There may be room to consider Wikipedia as a way to filter some of the material that appears for public consumption (rather than collaborative production) on the M3P, once the project has been fully established.

Also of interest is the way M3P is and/or is not primarily an encyclopedia but a memory project. In this regard, see Timeline of distributed Wikipedia proposals: A survey of the - surprisingly frequent but as yet inconsequential - proposals for some kind of distributed Wikipedia (abolishing the principle that there is only one current article version for each topic), and more specifically, proposals to apply the principles of distributed revision control (as exemplified by Git in software development) to wikis in general and Wikipedia in particular. This is by Wikipedia User:HaeB.

Wikipedia at 10

Wikipedia celebrated its 10th anniversary in January 2011. Here are some links to interviews and comments from this time:

see also...

  • The List of Lists of Lists - a clear demonstration of the expansiveness of Wikipedia after 10 years of collaborative contributions.

and soon after the anniversary we got this:

Wikimedia Research


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