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The space is available from 17 October...

  • The display will be up from 23 October (possibly earlier) until 4 December 2016.

Here's what we're up to...

Joe Julian

Meeting: 4 October

Explore materials from Clew collection via Alan Clews for exhibiting. Make a list of what's available so that a selection can be made with TS

  • Called at Alan's M'Scala garage on 5th October afternoon

Meeting: 11 October

biographies of people involved

  • MP3 player and small speaker from JSC underneath Rediffusion set playing Clews' tracks. Frans Ripard to loan us Stage Commados flag.
  • Joe Brown does NOT have the multi tracks of Clews' cd
  • Emails sent to PBS and WE asking permission to play Bijografiji - Charles Clews in public
  • All exhibits including suggiera flag + audio files hard disk and lyrics scan cd's collected


Speak with Tony Micallef about Terry L. Bencini

  • explore possible oral histories around Mike Cassar and Carmelo Abela
DUE: 11 October


Speak with Alan Clews about the a/v materials in the Clews collection

  • have the HD backed up by M3P
DUE: 11 October

Discuss scores for performance with Dominic Galea and Alex Vella Gregory

  • ask them to pick/decide what they would like to do specifically
DUE: 11 October

Muskettieri u Commandos Concert Programme