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Here are some things I remember...

Night clubs in Malta of the late 70`s and early 80`s

Sliema street Ix Xatt ta Qui Si Sana , Caravel: A club not very busy but used to have live bands playing there . normally cabaret bands Graffiti: This was a Discotheque and was our local hang out. Stardust: This was another discotheque when paying entrance fee you would get on your ticket a free complimentary drink , the atmosphere was luminous. it was like you was in space.very colorful ,spacey . gave you a feeling you are in a cave.

St Julians .Spinola Tigulio : This was a lovely place very big and had all sorts of activities, not only was it a Discotheque ,it was a restaurant and one could of played table soccer , pool, or just go walking in the massive garden . the place had two Bars and used to have about a hour of rock music.the venue was open to live rock bands ,and from time to time there used to be some rock bands gigging there. atmosphere was very dark ,and seating was very private with lots of room, It never attracted many people for some funny reason . I thought this club was a great club shame not so many people used to go there.

Paceville Ball Street Dewdrops: This used to be the place everyone used to want go to , this was a discotheque. with a membership ,no free drink .one can get a temporary Membership but for some funny reason they didn't like giving these 3 days membership cards to the local Maltese people.these cards were mainly issued to tourists. Upstairs there was a restaurant,this club used to be one the the clubs that used to get lively after 12 am 1am . Studio 54 : This club Changed it`s name so many times and changed owners quite a bit too. the place was called Sachas,Alley-cat. Studio54 and later called, Duke. This Place was always Refurbishing ,and as far as I know trying to out compete its neighbor Dewdrops, never succeed, as studio 54 had a great dark atmosphere and was very grotty looking. when it changed to Duke`s it went upper class , In the decor , but less people than Studio 54. They used to have a hour or so of rock music ,and was much lighter in lighting. BJ`s was a lovely Night club . had a resident Singer, Keyboard, bass, guitar player named Victor Schembri, seating was cosy if you wanted to dance you could, but this was strictly a piano bar.

St Georges : Styxs This was a new venue and opened very late 70`s or early 80`s, was taking lots of business from Dewdrops.became the place to go ,this place had a much more modern dance floor,quite spacious . my opinion the place didn't feel that cosy.

Between Naxxar and San Gwann . A place the old natives used to call harraraw Vibes, a club not so big but quite busy , I cant really comment on this place much because I never used to go there much. St Andrews Raffles. Another discotheque ,dance floor was the latest in technology in them days . bubbles floating about and all sorts of stuff, Not a bad place only a little out of the way . this place used to have bands play from time to time ,some class acts played there.

Bahar Ic caqq. Plants: this was a disco .very interesting place it was a converted old farm house.rumors has it that on the top floor there is something supernatural there. This was the place that changed everything in the late 70`s . there was a police raid and some people got caught with Illegal drugs and Marijuana .after this night clubs in Malta had a curfew on all drinking establishments , the times were from 2 PM to around 11 PM . this killed the Maltese young people tourist industry at the time. Oassis: this was a place where rock music used to be played similar to a discotheque but with rock songs played. also from time to time some rock bands.

Bugibba Bugibba Square Caesars Club: this them days was partly owned by The Australian comic musician painter plus other stuff . Rolf Harris Was a night club discotheque and snack bar ,not a bad place but not as busy as the other spots i mentioned earlier..

There was also a night club in Maddliena called Club 47, and situated right next to the weird and wonderful Mystique. The club was owned by the late Ray Agius, brother to Jean Agius and Jon Lukas. It seemed to be a rather exclusive night club, opening at around 10pm and goes on thru the early hours. There was a grand piano on one side (possibly white?), and a terrace that looked over the valley. Tony Grimaud used to play there in early 1984.