Twanny Coleiro ta' Kulajru

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Twanny Coleiro ta' Kulajru

Twanny Coleiro ta' Kulajru.

is an improvised verse folk singer. He was born on the 1st of December 1964 and hails from Siġġiewi.

Coleiro's first spirtu pront bout was at the Labour Party club in Mġarr. He was urged to pair up with Kevin Abela tal-Jossa, together with Fredu Desira l-Indjan and Toni Coleiro l-Bormliż. He went to the club thinking that it was a traditional rabbit meal, but on turning up, found the guitarists setting up the performance area.

There's a Maltese adage skont iz-zokk il-fergħa, meaning that children take after their parents. In this case the son encouraged his father Tommy Coleiro, originally from Żebbuġ and known as Tal-Ħanxarin, to folk sing għana tal-banju. This led to the latter's participation in the Argotti folk event around 1994.

Jacqueline Gauci tas-Seba’ Rġiel from Sliema writes the lyrics for Coleiro's makjetti. She's also an improvised verse folk singer and Coleiro’s partner.

Around the year 2000 they both featured in a traditional Maltese wedding re-enactment, staged in Saqqajja, Rabat and Buskett. Theatre director Josette Ciappara directed and filmed the event for Television Malta. Ronnie Calleja tal-Mosta was the prime guitarist.

His favourite current folksingers are Mikiel Cutajar Is-Superstar, Fredu Abela ż-Żejtuni and Fredu Abela l-Bamboċċu. However he reminisces about his most memorable folk singing hour, of which he still treasures the recording, when he was paired with Ninu Galea l-Kalora, in a bout that included John Laus Il-Lajżer and Żeppi Meli ta' Sika.

He has taken part in Għanafest 2013 together with Michael Brignone l-Wesu in improvised verse styles termed as bla qalba and bil-qalba and is regularly active in folk music events.

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