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Tony Micallef

Tony Micallef was born in Il-Gżira on 17 July 1952. From an early age, Tony was exposed to the local theatrical scene because his father, Joseph, was one of the main actors of the “Star Of The Sea”, a then-leading theatrical company based in Sliema.

In the mid-sixties, while still in his early teens, Tony started participating in various children’s programmes on the local Cable Radio System, better known as Rediffusion. His first regular assignment as a young contributor was Biografija Pop, a short series of programmes, intended for young listeners, covering the biographies of pop groups and pop stars of the sixties. He also was an occasional participant in children’s programmes on the Malta Television Service.

From 1964, his active involvement in the Catholic Action Movement and later on, in other Catholic Lay Religious organizations, provided Tony not only with a Catholic formation but also these organizations acted as a springboard for several other social activities. While still a student at the Lyceum, Tony became totally absorbed in the organization of song festivals and pageants, producing and presenting audio/video and theatrical productions not only in his parish but even in others. He was also one the first disc jockeys playing records in parties which were then organized in local Youth Centres for their members. Actually, it was in one of these “discos” organized by the Gżira Youth Centre that he met his wife Mary, whom he married in 1975. They have five children.

From 1974 to 2012 Tony worked within the local banking sector occupying several senior managerial positions.

On 26 May 1990, when St. John Paul II visited Malta, Tony, together with Ms. Bridget Scifo, delivered the welcome address on behalf of the Maltese workers who gathered in Birgu to greet the Pope.

Tony Micallef on (Radju Malta 2007)

A few months later, Charles Flores, then Head of Programmes of Radio Malta, re-introduced Tony to the local broadcasting scene as a regular part-time contributor with the Public Broadcasting Services. Throughout these years, Tony presented a countless number of programmes, both on Radio and Television. The genre of the programmes varied from Financial to Chat Shows and Short Documentaries, and even several Light Entertainment programmes. For nine consecutive years, Tony presented the weekly editions of the breakfast show on Radio Malta. For an even longer number of years, Tony did the radio commentary for the Eurovision Song Contest.

In 2006 Tony graduated in Religious Studies from the University of Malta and in 2013 he obtained an M.A. (Business Ethics) from the same University.

Throughout the years Tony was active in the Social Action Movement. Between 2012 and 2013 he served on the Caritas Council and at the same time, till 2016, he was also the Director of the Diocesan Office for Voluntary Work.

As from 2013, Tony became a regular contributor with Radju Marija Malta and a regular contributor initially for Radio 3ZZZ, and later for 98.9 Northwest FM, both in Melbourne, Australia. He is also a close collaborator with the organizers of the National Song Festival L-Għanja Tal-Poplu, Tony has been frequently requested to act as a judge in several National Song Festivals.

In 2016, Tony was requested to provide his professional services to assist in the setting up of an Ethics function in one of Malta’s largest banks. He also provided training in Business Ethics to several departments within the same bank.

During Covid-19, and only on a three-day notice, Tony was assigned a daily one-hour live programme on Radio Malta. The programme, “Għalenija”, was one of the first ever radio programmes transmitted live from a fully-fledged home studio. It included phone-ins, online live guests and of course music. Tony still considers this experience as one of his greatest achievements in his broadcasting career.

In 2022 he was the editor of Il-Kappillan Carlo Manché- Fi Kliem Niesu a book published by the Gżira Parish Church with the financial assistance of the Gżira Local Council.

Tony has been married to Mary since 1975, and they have five children, and now he is a proud grandfather of five children, He is still an active producer and presenter with Radio Malta.

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