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The Granules was formed on the 9th of February 2010 by Mark Spiteri and Edward Ferry. They were joined by Simon, Matthew and Manny. Some of the band members have performed and recorded with various bands and artists around Malta, England and the USA.

Mark Spiteri: The lead vocalist, bass player and songwriter started playing guitar in 1976 and turned to bass playing in 1984. This was around the time he formed a metal band in Malta called Vandals, he was only 16 yrs old at the time. With their good vibe with the audience, their original material was pulling the crowds to everywhere they played. In 1989 Mark gave up the band to move to the UK where he joined a 3 piece Australian rock band 'Zenn Temple' as the lead vocalist and bass player. The band then called it quits when the other members decided to go back to Australia. 1992 was when Mark came back to Malta and gave birth to Lord Adder, a band which was a big success, with four recorded and released albums in Malta, being supporting act to Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Smokie and Girls School under their belt. The band also played twice at the London Marquee in Charing Cross Road. In 1997 a competition was held in Brescia Italy in which Lord Adder competed amongst 19 bands from Italy and Switzerland and Lord Adder placed first! The band disbanded in 2004. On the 9th of February 2010 Mark met Edward Ferry and formed 'The Granules'.

Songwriting started by Mark the following April for the band's original material. 8 months later 30 tracks had been written, composed and perfected.

Manny Busuttil The last member to join the band, a veteran lead guitarist who lived in New York City and studied music in Los Angeles. He also performed in Malta throughout his early days with a Rock band called VHF and also played in various bands in the United States during his lengthy stay there. Apart from being the lead guitarist of the band and backing vocals he is also part of the production team for the songs with all the experience behind him whilst currently being a guitar and bass tutor at the Malta National Music College.

Edward Ferry: A 21 year old rhythm guitarist was in a Maltese rock band Chordust in which he took care of the rhythm guitar work and the songwriting for the band and for other local artists.

Simon Fenech: A piano and keyboard player was a session musician first worked with Mark on the last album of Lord Adder, a full-time musician playing in clubs and hotels. He is also as session musician with the Malta National Philharmonic Orchestra. Recently he was one of the musicians backing the Italian internationally acclaimed Riccardo Cocciante. Simon is also a successful music arranger.

Matthew Vella: A twenty year old drummer, percussionist and drums tutor in a private music college in Malta. He has worked with various Maltese artists and DJ's as a session musician. His musical range varies from Classic Rock to Progressive Rock, Funk, Jazz and Reggae.

Music Genre Brit Pop Rock

For further information kindly contact Kris Spiteri and/or Eileen Spiteri on

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