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Chordust is a pop rock band from Malta.

Vocals: Floren Sultana
Guitars: Reuben Calleja
Bass: Andre Caruana
Drums: Melchior Busuttil

The band was set up in 2009, with a different line up. The vocalist and the bassist are the only original members. Due to some unforeseen issues, the 2 other former members were then replaced by Reuben on guitars, and Melchior on drums.

Since then, Chordust has tried to find its own unique sound. Through experimentation over time, they developed a style which can be referred to as "British Alternative". All the members are influenced by completely different styles of music, and this led to this fusion of ideas.

Writing music is the heartbeat of a band. One finds his own sound/style by creating music. The satisfaction the members get when a song is finalised is way higher than the tiring brainstorming exercise and the mixing of ideas and techniques.

The band has, since its conception, created 2 original songs, while others are still in their finishing process. A few months back, in the late 2011, they decided to take the band a step further. They recorded the debut single, Hyperbolic Attitude, which was released on the internet and on local radio stations in April 2012.

This was probably the most rewarding aspect of being in a band, till now. With the help of Kenny D'Ugo, the producer, they came up with this final product which they are very proud of.

Chorudst has played in quite a number of venues around Malta, including several pubs like De Niro's, on local TV stations, in public occasions like Notte Bianca of Rahal Gdid, fund-raising activities and so on.

Now that the single is released, and Chordust will possibly be better known in Malta, over and above friends and family who have always been of support, they hope that they will bring more music to more people's ears in Malta and Gozo.

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