Sachelle Schembri

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Sachelle Schembri (born 19 February 1994) is a singer from Pietà who resides in Hal Kirkop.

She started taking soprano vocal lessons at the age of twelve. She also took piano lessons in both theory and practice. When she was fourteen years old, she was chosen to play the part of Juliet in musical Romeo & Juliet. She also took part in San Leonardu, a musical organised at her village Kirkop. She was occasionally invited to sing in television programmes and village talent festivals.

She took part in Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2001, category Talent Żagħżugħ with 'Ħolma’ composed by Dominic Cini ‘Minik’ and penned by Rita Pace. She wishes to have more opportunities, especially abroad.