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Rowena Calleja

Rowena Calleja was born on the 9 of August 1985, and lives in Birkirkara. She is an emerging writer.

She remember herself being a bookworm ever since the first early years. One could always find her holding a book even when she was yet not able to read.

She had long stopped writing since she was a teenager and in 2016 she tried writing in maltese after she saw a competition in Science & The City and submitted a short humouros story which got chosen.

Then there was another competition regarding any literature related to suffering and my story was chosen again Il-Martirju and was read to the public in an animated evening with orchestra as well on January 2017 at Parroċċa San Pawl Nafraġu.

Rowena also was invited as a guest on Bibien on a radio station. she also participated and completed Taħżiż where she wrote a short story and a poem as well with the title Qawsalla.

She had another story published on Facebook page Għidli Mitejn. Also the very first novel that she wrote in Maltese earned its place on Leħen il-Malti Għadd 36 with the title Lilek Ħabbejt.and she read a small piece at the Malta Book Festival.

Rowena had some religious writings as well published on Flimkien and on another booklet in one of the exhibitions of Good Friday.

Then she wrote the lyrics for Nedved Galea with the song Taħfirli which is a song that is about a man who had a troubled youth where he was shown more beatings than love and this led to taking even more bad decisions later on in life which ended him earning a prison sentence.

However he was one of the few that redeemed. The music was composed by Stefan Farrugia and Kaya Priscilla Giordano Psaila.

The reasone she wrote this song was because she went to visit prison once and it was a life changing experience which she definitely had to share.

She just finished her studies in a Diploma in Maltese Literature.

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