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Peter Paul Ciantar

Peter Paul Ciantar (born 26 June 1950) in Ħaż-Żebbuġ but resides at Rabat Malta, is a broadcaster, composer/musician and music teacher.

He was born to Carmelo and Maria nee’ Barbara. At the age of 20, he earned a diploma in music (A.Mus.LCM) from the Royal College of Music in London.

He began his broadcasting career with children's programmes on Rediffusion. He was employed as a producer and presented several radio programmes focused mainly on the history of Malta, classical music, opera and folklore. His daily radio musical programme Siesta lasted for many years and was his most popular. He was also co-ordinator of radio programmes at PBS, Public Broadcasting Services. He attended several courses run by some from the most well-known broadcasters in the world.

Ciantar was for several years a music teacher, lecturer, as well as secretary and PRO of various committees, particularly in the cultural field. He was also a journalist with local paper Times of Malta, writes several articles on local magazines about music and culture, and served as a member of jury panels during local and foreign festivals.

Peter Paul composed numerous marches for local band clubs especially for King’s Own Band of the Valletta. Many of his festive marches were recorded on several LPs and CDs. He also composed a number of signature tunes for some of his radio programmes and won several classical music competitions organized by the Performing Rights Society of London.

Peter Paul Ciantar plays the Bb baritone, the synthesizer and mandarin. He currently presents a musical programme on Radju Malta. He is a member of the National Festivities Committee.

He is married to Pauline neé Muscat and is the father of two: Gabriella (born in 1979) and Robert (born in 1982).

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