Nenu Borg Il-Brazz

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Nenu Borg Il-Brazz is an improvised verse folk singer. Born on the 6th December 1943, he hails from Birkirkara.

Borg had emigrated to Australia for a number of years but returned back to his motherland. He is known to have encouraged young prospective folksingers to take on the tradition. He has featured with the greats from the Nineties, including bouts with Żeppi Meli ta' Sika, Salvu Pace s-Sulari and Ċikku Degiorgio tal-Fjuri.

Borg is probably one of the most singers who deserves more merit for his folk singing ability. He has also sung ballads, including Il-Waqgħa tal-Ajruplan, about the El Adam Handley Page Hastings C-2 airplane 1961 tragedy in Libya with the loss of seventeen Maltese soldiers.

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